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Thanks for educating me. I’ll lay low on the rice cakes. My diet has been pretty much lots of veggies and leafy greens, beef or chicken, and I also incorporate fresh garlic and gresh ginger in my meals. I will eat quinoa or wild rice for breakfast, but that’s my only time to eat any “starchy” grains…and both these (I think)should be low on the sugar/starch, you think?

I’m back to reading lots of labels, so I’m avoiding lots of stuff that “should” be healthy but really isn’t.

Anyway, thanks! It seems that any “die-off” suffering I’m dealing with is actually through my skin. It broke out a lot but it’s healing now. I don’t suffer from any leaky gut; the only problem I have “below-the-belt” is a dad-gum hemmorhoid. LOL