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Hello, Jig. Your questions are answered below.

Grape seed flour is full of nutrients, plus it’s over 50% roughage, I don’t see why there would be a problem with using it on a Candida diet plan.

Pumpkin seed flour: Mold is normally a problem with all pumpkin seed products, however, during the baking process the mold is usually removed. Still, I would prefer using the GS flour over this.

Bio Brown rice flour (couldnt find brown rice bran flour ): Can you obtain buckwheat in Finland? If not, this one would probably be alright used in a mixture with the grape seed flour.

Quote: Nori is categorized as seaweed or not?
Reply: Yes, that’s correct.

Quote: Cold pressed sesame oil?
Reply: Cold-pressed oils are preferred, sesame oil is fine.