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Javizy wrote: Thanks for all your effort Able. There’s a lot of great info here and I feel more confident about starting my diet with every page I read.
One of my favourite spices is fennel. Star anise is great for making a Chinese 5 spice mix, and fenugreek and bay leaves go well in curry. Fennel especially is said to have a number of health benefits, but what about as part of a candida diet?
The post about fermented foods made me wonder about soy sauce, tofu and miso. All great ingredients for stir-fries and soups. Is soy completely off limits? I’m beginning to wonder how I’ll survive if I move to Japan next year…
If it’s not too many questions, is organic lamb really a no-go? I thought it was healthier than beef, and certainly healthier than pork.
I’ve seen wasabi mentioned a few times so far, but the ones I’ve bought in the past contain sugar and wheat flour as well as preservatives – even the Japanese brands. I assume everyone reads the ingredients list thoroughly though, right?

Yes, Jav, learning to read and understand all ingredients is an important part of a Candida treatment.

Soy products of any type are not recommended on the diet, Jav, but if you want to use it, just test it by using a small amount only then waiting two days to see if there is a reaction.

Fennel seed is actually a semi-mild antifungal, so there should be no problem with it. Fennel and bay leaf have both been added to the herb section of the allowed foods list.

Lamb in itself isn’t the problem; the problem is the pure animal protein which when broken down by our enzymes, creates ammonia gases which are an added toxin which the liver is required to deal with along with the Candida toxins. But ammonia presents double trouble, because once in our system it only adds to a beneficial environment for Candida to thieve.