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Himawari wrote: Hi again. More questions (quick and easy ones this time, I hope):
For “granny smith apple”… would any green/yellow apple do in a pinch, or does it really have to be granny smith? (this is an issue of cultivar availability for me)
For garlic, why does it specify “raw”?

As far as the garlic is concerned; for the same reason that many other foods are better for you when eaten raw; they retain more of their health benefits when uncooked. This does by no means imply that you shouldn’t eat garlic when cooked with other foods as it will still have some benefits.

You really don’t know the sugar content of every green or yellow apple that’s in a large markets For example, I’ve been extremely surprised before by the sweet taste of some greenish yellow apples. The best thing would probably be to either research different yellow or green species, or simply taste the apple and compare the sweetness to a Granny Smith.