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Able900 wrote:

That is not to say that Himawari doesn’t bring up a good point.

He has an excellent point that I couldn’t agree with more if we’re talking about normal food allergies, which if we are, I was not aware of.

But I think we’re talking Candida-induced allergies and about food particles being expelled directly into the bloodstream from the intestines before digestion allows the food to be broken down into nutrients and enter the bloodstream as it normally would.


I understand that consuming Kefir assists in digestion so that nutrients that otherwise wouldn’t be absorbed as a result of bad digestion from illness like candida can in fact be absorbed. So I believe with proper care, a variety of foods can in fact be introduced to the system as long as they are not feeding the candida. This also may assist in preventing allergies more so in some folks than avoiding foods all together.