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Marbro wrote:


I have been daydreaming of the foods I miss and recipes I can create.

One of the the things I thought about was pickles. Would ACV be a good substitute to make pickled veggies?


Awsome! So I was looking for a recipe and found this site which sells them. I still plan on making my own but it may be helpful to others who dont have the time or patience.

and example of one of there products which are advertised as hand made.

Dill Pickles 32 oz.
Ingredients: Organic kirby cucumbers, purified water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, fresh dill, fresh garlic, Celtic sea salt and organic cayenne. $6.90


*update I went ahead and ordered a bottle of pickles from glaser organics farms and a few days later I got an email stating the shipping will be $45 and thats from one US state to another. So Unless you can go to their store or are rich I do not reccomend this site. Stick to making your own. They were however easy to reach and gave me no issues when I cancelled.