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How is it that candida don’t feed on the carbs in the flours you mentioned above? I went to Harris Teeter last night looking for coconut flour but they did not have it. While I was there I saw buckwheat and looked at the label and noticed it had 22 carbs, I put it back because I wasn’t sure it was OK on stage 1 at the time.

Also I am frying organic eggs in a little olive oil, I break the yolks so they are done and not runny at all. I top them with some coconut oil and black pepper and they are very good this way. Is this OK or am I supposed to be boiling them only? I use very little olive oil, just enough to keep them from sticking.

Since some of these flours are OK can we bake fish and chicken in the oven with it as well to simulate fried fish and chicken? I have been grilling and baking for 3 weeks now and a change would be nice once in a while.

I would like to personally thank Able for taking time to help us and share what works and what doesn’t.