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Katy Gillett wrote: Can I just pipe up here because I’ve had reactions to both oat bran and rice bran flour. And also millet.
On the other hand a small bit (around 3-4 tbspns) of brown rice helps me when I’m not feeling well.

Hi, Katy. Good to see you back on the forum again – without weeks and weeks going by. Ok, just joking with you a bit, but it’s always good to see you back on the forum.

The fact that the rice flour & millet bother you a bit but the brown rice doesn’t could have to do with allergies, on the other hand, I doubt there’s any one food that at least one person doesn’t have some type of reaction to.

I don’t know how long you’ve been eating brown rice, but it seems that you’ve been on the diet to one degree or another for about four months now, maybe longer. At this point I wouldn’t expect a reaction from anyone who is eating brown rice, but then again, perhaps you’ve been eating it all along which could possibly account for one of the reasons you’re still experiencing Candida symptoms.

But any way you look at it, brown rice is a grain and it still contains some of the starches of the whole grain it once was. These are the reasons I didn’t put it on the list of allowed foods.

Thanks for your input, Katy, keep in touch.