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weBhealthy;44204 wrote: Hope everyone is well and getting healthier everyday!!!

Hi Able! I read this piece from Hungry for Change listing sweeteners that replace sugar. Most of them are off limits but one I had not heard of is listed as good for Candida. It’s Artichoke Syrup. Do you have experience with this and if so, at what stage might one use it (if it is actually tasty). Can it be used like Raw Coconut Nectar in baked goods?

If it is good and safe to use, I imagine the same thing applies as with stevia which is to wait to use it until after the 2 weeks of the diet are up.

Thank you! It’s day two for me. I feel thankful for the Divine Intelligence helping to rid my body with as much ease and grace as possible of candida and it’s harmful effects!

Blessings Able and everyone,

my thing is that I ate a few slices of pizza..(Wrong move) my stomach was hurting the whole night. I felt the leaky gut and pain in my liver..smh I got good control over my eating habits but my family don’t understand when I try to tell them what’s going on with me.