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dforbreakfast wrote: My immunologist explained it to me when I got tested for allergies and was pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING. She said that SOME allergies you’re just born with — like peanuts or shellfish. But most are just sensitivities that can go away if leaky gut is healed.

While I agree with allergies being influenced/caused by leaky gut – I would suggest taking your basal temp (temp upon waking) – low body temps suggest adrenal/thyroid issues. Mostly, when I have questioned anyone whose experiencing histamine reactions (allergic responses) they report back low body temps. Not sure the why…suspect it’s due to immune responses to chronic leaky gut wearing down the immune system, then the adrenals and thyroids. Dunno…but, it tends to be very common around here.

Figure healing adrenals/thyroids are critical to getting candida under control.