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Thanks for your input. I tend to keep so busy I don’t make time to think about or work on food issues; just eat an energy (sugar) bar & keep going till I get hungry again. I did design a rotation diet years ago, on the computer (old 1, & now can’t find it), so probably should make a new one, considering the new round of allergies. I know much of the “cure” is in my head; I don’t think I can do it, after so much discouragement over Leaky Gut cures, paleo diet books, Candida cure diets, etc, & trying to work around my allergies. It’s just taking more discipline than I have, after so much struggle with food for so long. Just fixing a simple meal can take me 2 hr. I don’t know why so long, but it does. Clean, trim, chop veg., steam those. First fix (more trim & chop sometimes) fish, poultry, buffalo, lamb – cook that, put veg. on to steam, make tea (green or herb). Am even allergic to lettuce! Can’t eat raw veg at all (just English cucumber & jicama), & do buy broccoli, brussel sprouts, bok choy (all cruciferous, 1 day’s rotation veg.), beets (take forever to cook), celery & onion (use if I make chicken soup), avocado, yam, squash, & some things in short season (asparagus, but it seems to disagree with me anyway), & things I don’t like or have few nutrients (red pepper, garbanzo, fennel, peas, turnip). I guess my worst downfall is getting hungry & wanting something NOW (not spending an hr. or 2 cooking something that doesn’t satisfy hunger anyway). There doesn’t seem to be any quick “allowed” snacks (no dairy, no fruit, no gluten free cookies etc.). All grains seem to make me sick, & it has taken a very long time to determine they were the cause of most of my chronic diarrhea. I was (am?) a terrible caro-aholic. That’s why the fish & veg. diet is so unsatisfying; just cannot get any energy from the slow release glucose or protein break-down products. I know I let myself get too hungry, then am so hungry I can’t take 2 more hr. to get food fixed. Some of my issues are from bad parental messages; “do your work first, then you can…. (eat, play, go somewhere, do what you want)” & in some ways I am still responding to old tapes; trying to “get it all done” first, then eat, or rebellious & refuse to eat at all, or eat junk because it’s quick & convenient. I tried not buying energy bars so I wouldn’t be tempted, but then resorted to worse things (melted “butter” with powdered sugar & coffee powder stirred in, eaten like candy) BAD! So the energy bars were the lesser of 2 evils. I go round & round with the psychology of it all too; end up feeling like a weak-willed, whiney loser who won’t take personal responsibility to do what’s necessary for better health, & end up wallowing in self-hate (& go eat sugar to feel better!). I don’t know that I’m ever going to get a grip. I’ve been sick so long I don’t even know what it might feel like to feel better.