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Owllady69;44943 wrote: I just cannot make it on poultry & vegetables

A lot of people on the forum who have allergies because of leaky gut have improved their situation or gotten the infestation under complete control while eating nothing but vegetables and poultry.

You’ve managed to sign-up on the forum and write a post asking for help, so it also sounds like you’re not quite ready to kill yourself yet. However, if you don’t make some very big changes in your life, killing yourself is exactly what you’re going to accomplish.

The Inuit’s lived on nothing but fish and an occasional seal or walrus for hundreds of years. So don’t think that you can’t make it on vegetables and poultry. Your body is made to adapt to whatever you feed it as long as the foods you’re eating are healthy. But this does not include sugar.

Your body uses glucose for energy, and under certain dietary circumstances, your body makes glucose from amino acids that are in the proteins you eat. Over time, when not eating carbs, your body becomes more and more adapt at making its own carbohydrates.

There are no scientific studies or research which proves that one can become sick or die from a lack of carbs, but any one of us can die from eating too much sugar.

It’s really all about choices, not health, and not whether you think can or can’t do something.

From your statement above, it sounds like you can eat certain vegetables without problems. Tell us which vegetables you are able to eat.