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Thanks, y’all!!! I have actually made this recipe even BETTER than before!!

If you add a few big spoons of coconut manna to it, they clump up some and make “granola” chunks that are deelish. I also have stared adding a couple of spoons of hemp protein powder to it, which sweetens it a touch and gives it a new flavor that is less oat-y.

I use Bob’s Red Mill oat bran, I don’t soak before eating (although a lot of people think that all grains should be soaked and that might be better…but I am lazy and this diet stresses me out enough as it is so I don’t :p But if you have trouble, you could try soaking first.)

I think it would be safe to eat this probably a couple of months in, once you’ve slowly added all of the ingredients into your diet.

It’s also quite good with coconut or hemp milk added, like “real” cereal 😀