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Vegan Catlady
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AndrewScally;56157 wrote: Ok thank you for the info. I’m going to take this anti-fungal and cut as many carbs out of my diet as I can. I’m also gonna try to eat some more probiotics and i’ll try the liver cleaning herbs along with the garlic. Hopefully it works and also I did both of those things lol (antibiotics and drank while sick). I’m an idiot, but hopefully this can be cleared and won’t be chronic

I wouldnt call you an idiot, you did what most people do.
Taking antibiotics ruins your gut, drinking ruins your chances of repopulating it with good bacteria, and it needs to get bad before we see evidence of it,no big deal.

You dont have to cut carbs, carbs are your friend 🙂
Just cut out the carbs that feed candida for a little while, thats all.
I highly recommend going to The Candida diet website and familiarize yourself with the list of foods…eat plenty of carbs, but just make sure they are the good ones 😉