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Today marks 2 weeks on the forum diet (yay me! lol)

Went out again last night to a friend’s where there were about 11 kinds of insanely good food (salmon, pork, homemade pies, sweet potato fries.. but all covered in blasted butter and/or balsamic and/ or cheese! grrr)
I had my hard boiled egg, asparagus, and piece of coconut bread. It was worth it to not feel sick at all or sleepy or uncomfortable (well, in retrospect it was worth it!)

I got some digestive enzymes yesterday to have with my meals. Although I’m still taking the bitters, I was finding that I was getting bloated and gassy after lunch towards the end of the day. I’m ordering some zypan but in the mean time I thought I’d add in some enzymes.

I also grabbed some zinc. Are we supposed to have the chelated type of zinc? There were 2 kinds but i went for the chelated type.