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orka1998 wrote: Hi Hal123,

Everything you wrote I’ve been through and more than that. I completely understand how you feel. I would stare at an empty screen for hours at work not being able to do anything. Also, people would speak to me and I would take quite few minutes to even react and acknowledge them to be present let alone speaking. I would not get any jokes, smiling, crying or any emotions were just not there for a while. Luckily, my bosses and colleagues are so understanding and since I had some serious symptoms and ended up in hospital twice, I guess they were concerned enough to just want me to be better and didn’t really worry about my productivity.

Thanks so much for replying Arijana, it’s good to know I’m not alone, and that gives me more belief that I can fix this problem because it seems like it genuinely is a product of candida. I think my work colleagues just think I’m a hyporchondriac, they tease me that if I take any more sick days they’ll have to call in HR. They don’t really understand, and the culture here is that if you show any weakness or inability to deliver, they will work round you instead of with you and your career ends up dead in the water.

orka1998 wrote: Hi Hal123,

For me at home was just as bad because I also have two small kids waiting for me there expecting me to be the mom I used to be and this was so stressful. I could not laugh at their new tricks and silly statements, I was basically a zombie, “stoned” kind of sums it up.

That must have been awful. Fortunately I don’t yet have children so it’s only my partner that suffers. He thinks I’m always playing with my phone and would rather go online or watch TV than talk to him. I’m actuially just staring at what is in front of me, but I don’t think he realises.

orka1998 wrote: Hi Hal123,

You will be like that for a while. You might also have days when you feel great and then you feel like crap after. Then it will stabilize and those changes will be less extreme.

Yeah, I am finding that. My family keeps telling me that i’ve got a bug, but i know it’s the detox. I felt fine this weekend, but am a zombie this morning. Fortunately my Moly turned up this weekend so I’ve started taking that.

orka1998 wrote: Hi Hal123,

Molybdenum should help. In the mean time try anything else you can to detox (check out index of posts, it should have tons of info here on how to detox. There are quite few teas which help detox the liver and kidneys. I find nettle leaf tea to help as well as long hot showers, or if you can spare time (which I never could) go for a hot bath. Extra vitamin C on your worse days also should help, just be careful not to take more than 1000mg and space your doses at least an hour apart. Walking also helps, if I couldn’t get out of the house, I would just walk wall to wall.

I tried swishing, but that stopped working after a while. Thank you for the suggestions, I always do feel better after hot showers and much much better after walking! that’s a bit of a revelation. Thank you.

orka1998 wrote: Hi Hal123,

It all depends on the severity of your infestation and none of us really know how bad it is until starting the treatment. It could be a while until you feel better. For me it took three months to stabilize. It is important to not fall off the wagon as every time you do you set yourself back and grow more candida which then you must kill sooner or later.

I suspect it’s quite severe. I have a leaky gut and have been sick for over 15 years, so I’ll be amazed if it isn’t a reasonalby severe case. I’m staying on the wagon though, trying to eat a balanced diet even with the restrictions, and now I have my Moly, I can go on Able’s more restrictive diet.

orka1998 wrote: Hi Hal123,

Best of luck to you and I hope this will pass soon!

Thanks again Arijana! You’re a life saver.