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I have post traumatic stress disorder from two Iraq deployment and I m a mma fighter to relieve my stress. I know I can’t fight while on the treatment but I do have a tournament in 3 weeks, after that I’m gonna take it easy and see if that helps. Alot of my symptoms point to diabetes also but I’m very thin and this all started a month ago while on the antifungals, I’m assuming its die off still and my kidneys working hard. I’m gonna get bloodwork just to see what’s going on. I need a shot of adrenaline lol. I can workout great but the rest of the day fatigued and the next day fatigued. So I for sure wont work out nearly as hard after this grappling tournament so my body can recover more. I’m adding a little more carbs now too, my Naturapath said to introduce some sprouted brown rice and red potatoes. I have no symptoms eating that stuff. So that’s a good sign. Been almost 3 months of this. Just need energy back and not urinating so much