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Thanks TheXtremisT, I didn’t know you got dry skin from adrenal problems. Maybe that’s it, It’s crazy bumpy and itchy and I’ve had it maybe 3 weeks now.
I am taking all the adrenal support supplements I can find and drinking licorice tea. I’ll get nettle tea too. I add ginger to my green smoothies.
As for gentle exercise that’s a hard one for me. Mostly coz I was an athlete before this hit and when I feel good I go and swim hard…..I just can’t help myself. As soon as I feel halfway human I do too much. I was a triathlete and I can’t wait to run again. I had a dream just this morning about starting to run around the house LOL but when I go for a 1/2 hr walk I get exhausted. (I can swim for an hour, but not walk…go figure – no gravity I guess) What do you do for exercise?