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Thanks .

PS from Now is pretty expensive $49 for 60 & it lasts only 15 days it does have Inositol & Choline which might cause issues.
Would you recommend any brand .

Same thing with Flaxseed Oil. Would you recommend just the seeds or Oil(Any preferred brand which is main stream as I am in Canada).

I have had Amptriptlyine (Does not put me to sleep but makes me extremely Dizzy), Trazadone (Does not do anything for me a part from giving me headaches).

Clonazapem which did help but doctor changed it because of the Addiction potential.

Zopiclone. Have been taking it for 10 months does put me to sleep but usually give me 30 minutes to 3.5 hrs of sleep. (Mixed with PS & Melatonin & Magnesium helps). I am weaning off it and going through serious Withdrawal symptoms. Down to only 2.5mg but getting very poor sleep.

Temazapem , did fall asleep after taking it but felt like I got no sleep.

Herbal wise I have taken Valerian (Terrible), 5 HTP (Worked good for a few days), Brain Mood by Douglas LAbs (Has got 5htp & St. John Wort makes me super dizzy but does not put me to sleep), Ashwaganda(Felt calm but no help with sleep), Sleep 8 Formula(Did not do anything), Herbal Teas of all sorts. Paid a lot of money on Acupunture sessions but not much of a help there either.