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I agree, Raster, on most of your points.

I just don’t think adrenals/thyroids are brought to the forum enough since it seems to be a major underlying issue with so many cases like mine. It took me months of hourly daily research, reaching out to others with similar symptoms to open the doors of thought towards AF/HT causing immune system disorders compounding candida symptoms. It explains so much of symptomatic suffering like low body temps which impair cognitive function to sift through all this complicated information.

Not everyone can afford naturopath/acupuncture, unfortunately. Wish I could. Heck, I wish I could afford good endocrinologists as well.

Also, anemia is something which forum diet protocol addresses through sea kelp and iron rich veggies but, in some cases that’s just not enough to raise levels expediently enough. Just drawing light onto this subject since I have read several members talk about being anemic and personally hadn’t put it all together myself until recently.

Just trying to save some newbies from suffering more than they have to. It only took me over a year of failed candida treatments to understand why I got so much sicker during the process…..STRESS the ultimate killer….