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Hi raster,

I tested positive for h-pylori in my stool analysis and negative in the breath test my doctor gave me. I’m confused about HW they are contradictory. I’m not sure I trust either test to be honest, in the breath one the nurse didn’t give me proper instructions so I wasn’t sure if I was meant to be burping in the tube or not etc. The stool sample I am also a little dubious about because I didn’t use the vials for a few months and left them sitting around my apartment then used them so I’m worried some fungus just grew in them not from my stool.

The whole thing is not concrete enough for my liking. I really would like to know FOR SURE that these symptoms are caused by fungus and I’m feelin worse from die off.

I should point out that before this I was eating A LOT of fruit and rice. That was almost my entire source of calories actually. I never felt *good* but I felt a lot better than now. My main symptoms are mental fog, exhaustion, insomnia, prostatitis, and others. Upon switching to the anti candida diet my insomnia returned almost immediately. When I missed taking my molybdenum for 2 days I was up the entire night.

All of this seems to indicate die off to me, but I have I be certain. I dont want to be making myself sicker if I don’t even have this infection.