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This is now a candida transitioning journal. I did not feel stable with the decision to jump into the diet, especially because I was so weak today (I will say though that bentonite clay really seems to help with die off, I had the energy to get out of bed to get water and stuff which usually is not there when I feel weak). The weird thing is I already noticed positive effects even on just day 3, even while I was weak and flu-y. So that’s awesome and really shows it’s a good direction.

I’m going to start by just eliminating grains (corn, rice) for probably about a week, then just eat fruit as a sugar source (dried or not)>just fresh fruit> and then I’ll remove all fruit and replace with buckwheat or something and then finally it will be onto the die off stage. It will take somewhere between 2-4 weeks, I just don’t want to push myself, I binge eat if I feel restricted.