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Have you looked at the discussion board on this forum? I really feel you have no need to suffer the way you are. Not only are you doing the fasting to leads to extreme fatigue and depression, but you’re not following the right diet – the quinoa, hazelnuts, fruit… all feed the diet. Why do the water fast and then ingest something that will kickstart the candida growth again? You’ll continue to go around in this viscous and dificualt circle. I did it as per the forum protocol and it was tough but very manageable. I never felt extreme hunger or agonising die off because I took Able’s advice re supplements and diet. Please, please check out the protocol on the discussion pages of this forum and NOT the website advice.

I wish you well with your recovery (I am 99% cured after 4 months on the forum diet… was vastly better after just 2 weeks on the diet and almost there after 6 weeks… the last 2 months have been slow and steady towards a full cure).

Your journal makes for dramatic reading… but there really is no need for tis process to be so dramatic & painful!!