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Thank you for all your replies. I really appreciate your help.

Jennybear, I did a comprehensive stool analysis and blood tests. They showed Candida.

my doctor did say it Candida was tough and could take a long time to get better. He just segments the diet in 3 week sections and then re-evaluates to see if any food can be re-introduced. And probably to collect an office visit fee. I do eat fast and probably don’t chew my food enough.

Is the HCL a prescription or can you get it over the counter? I really appreciate your help.

My doctor did prescribe Diflucan, supplements, and the diet. However, I would appreciate the summary when you have the time.

Like I said, I have tried many things before each thinking this is the cure. But the symptoms would return. Don’t get me wrong, I have the discipline to stay strict but when things didn’t work as well as I thought, I just felt I am tired of trying to figure this out. I am 5’10 and 175 pounds. I try to workout when I can and eat healthy in general. People say I look healthy but they don’t understand how I feel inside. So avoiding alot of things that I don’t even have in excess, I just needed to cheat a little this weekend. And I don’t know if my symptoms are from cheating or from a pre-existing problem such as the HCL.

I thank you for all your help.

Can I follow the plan on TheCandidaDiet? Instead of spending all this money on IV’s, specialty nutritional supplements (take good quality cheaper alternatives instead), and doctor’s visits.