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catlover345 wrote: About that video.. they instruct you to add things like cane sugar and dried fruit… what i want to know is can you just eat the grains raw?

When you make Water kefir with grains, you should always make it with grains because its cheap and infinately better for you moreover if you care for them, they will last you a lifetime. But you need not concern yourself about the sugar because the grains eat that and the finished product is just fermentation if kept long enough. Its like soda water!

When making kefir with grains, they will grow and multiple in short order. Yes you can eat them and they are like a super dose of probiotics. Or you can give them away to family. Water kefir is a good alternitive if you can not handle milk kefir. Personally I am going to do both. Right now I am doing water but here next week, ill start adding milk kefir to my diet as well.