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It is absolutely confusing! I agree. I found that when I tried to do it myself it took a few times before I learned and then I eventually had a bank of experiences to draw upon. For instance, when I first started, I used to let the kefir culture for 48 hours. Then I found that that produced too tart a product and also made for constipation. So now I culture it for 24 hours. You don’t have to worry too much about making mistakes. You probably will make some but you’ll learn. Temperature wise, just don’t keep it in too hot an environment or too cold an environments. Too cold halts the culturing process and too hot will kill it. Most homes or apts. are fine as they are.

Again, I was really intimadated when I first began so I understand your frustration in wanting to know how it’s all done and to do it right. I can tell you it is a process. But mostly everything in life that’s worth anything is.

Keep watching those videos on u-tube, read, try to be patient, get some grains and try to make a batch. The videos tell you the types of supplies to use (jars, non-metal strainer, sources of milk, etc.)and then you just have to try it. If you lived near me I’d give you some grains. I’m in NYC. If you are local I’ll share some.

Also, CatLover, I don’t think it would be dangerous reagarding the temperature. It’s not like eating bad chicken that’s been sitting out and you’ll get salmonella. Kefir is a cultured product so it’s been fermented. It’s probably along the same lines as pickeled products in that regard.