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I did get my grains from someone connected to thre Weston A. Price Foundation. I did NOT have to meet her in a public place (!) nor did she accept money. Some people DO charge but it’s bad kefir etiquette (I guess that’s the best way to put it) since something so life giving that is shared shouldn’t really be profited on. Unless someone has to travel to get to you or something. I guess I was lucky with the woman who shared hers with me. She said that someone shared theirs with her and she was just passing it on now to me.


P.S. I’m big with editing tonight it seems! Wishnhope, I was told by the woman who gave me her grains that Cultures for Health is very reputable. They sell the freeze dried kefir grains that must be reconstituted once you get them. Also, given that they are freeze dried it may take a couple of tries with getting them up to snuff in producing good quality kefir. That’s normal from what I hear. Cultures for Health can offer you a lot of good information about their freeze dried grains. Also I was told that Freeze dried is better than powdered kefir culture starter.