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alexparginos wrote: Hi, lately i have been thinking that before i started this diet i was feeling amazing, i was at the gym, doing weights, gaining muscle weight and never constipated or any dizzyness whatsoever symptoms, i was going to the bathroom everyday with no constipation problems. I was very healthy, except from some acne i had. And suddenly i decided to do the candida diet bcuz i thought i might have it bcuz i have some acne, So i started cutting out all the fruit, nuts, some veggies which were giving me a lot of vitamins. And started suddenly taking coconut oil, eating only eggs and lacking a lot of vitamins from foods, at this moment i dont feel good, i feel sick, i am constipated for a week and i am bloated so i am thinking of going back to my old healthy lifestyle which i had no problems whatsoever. Do you guys think this is a good idea to do since i didnt had any problems before? I am thinking about it alot. Please give me some advice

any ideas?