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jennyska wrote: You got me convinced I do really want to get better. Is there any possible risk to taking molybdenum and how should I take it ? Also which brand do you recommend ? I found so many and I do not know what is the best one to choose. And, how about teas ? Are they allowed on this diet ? I am particularly interested in green tea, because I have a cup once a day, or once in two days. Is that ok ? Thank you Able,
Jenny 🙂

Jenny; this is a link to a good brand of Molybdenum.

Start out with one a day with or without meals. After several days, if the symptoms are still with you, you can raise it to two pills a day. You can take up to three pills a day as long as the die-off symptoms are semi-severe, and then drop to one a day for maintenance. Personally, even though I don’t have Candida, I take Molybdenum (one pill a day) everyday to ensure that environmental toxins are removed daily.

As far as the safety of Molybdenum to humans is concerned, this is a portion of a post I wrote to Raster a while back.

“One of the very few known overdoses of Molybdenum happened when a small number of Armenians were consuming 10 to 15 milligrams (mg) of Molybdenum on a daily basis from their food source. Eventually some of the Armenians developed mild cases of gout.

That’s 10,000 to 15,000 mcg’s or 40 to 60 molybdenum pills a day for a sustained and long length of time. That’s 40 to 60 times my recommendation for using molybdenum to lessen die-off symptoms which is 250 mcg three times a day. That’s 3 pills a day only while the symptoms are at their worse which is often only a week or two and then 1 or 2 a day for maintenance until the die-off symptoms completely disappear, which if the patient does as they should in the way of a treatment, shouldn’t be more than a month of two at the most. The only way it should be longer is if the patient were eating the incorrect foods, therefore feeding the Candida and allowing them to repopulate and then destroying them over and over again.
An overdose of calcium at which point symptoms began is reported to be a dosage of any amount above 2500 mg, if we’re talking about 3,000 mg, that’s just 3 times the daily recommended amount. The ultimate symptom of a calcium overdose is a coma; this makes one wonder why a doctor would believe a molybdenum supplement is any more dangerous than calcium when it comes to too much.”

If you’re going to drink tea, I would recommend a cup a day, and the best choice would be organic Nettle Leaf Tea.