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8000 iu of vit a, 5000 of vit d. My calcium magnesium zinc supplement has 600 iu d3, 1000mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium, 25 mg zinc, and 10mg sodium. I take it 3 times a day.

I stopped taking my probiotic because once the candida was fed by the mold, I knew my die off was going to be too strong if I stayed at the current levels of antifungals and probiotics. I didn’t know if I should reduce antifungals or go off probiotics for a few days.

Today my dieting went without incident, but I had some problems at work. I felt good at 3 tsp of coconut oil yesterday which was a day off, but today when I had to get physical (I have a new job as a bus boy/server) I had a lot of trouble getting through the night. My die off is a little too hard right now even since I dropped the probiotic. I just now took 3 tsp again, hoping my body will adjust and it will be easier tomorrow. If it’s still too hard on me tomorrow what do you think I should do? And how should I ease back into my probiotics? Because I know it’s very important to stay on them. Tomorrow’s a day off, wednesday and thursday I’m working my job which I’m leaving in a week so I don’t have to be 100%, and I’m off on friday and saturday, so I have some wiggle room to get things right in the next 5 days. I just need a good approach to get my die off under control, get back on probiotics and be able to work my ass off, because I start my other new job soon too and I need to stay afloat at both. Tomorrow I’m going grocery/supplement shopping so I’ll let you know how that goes. Let me know how you think I should handle the die off/probiotic situation. Thanks.