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Thomas wrote: Dear Able, But what confuses me still is the warning again folic acids for people who have too much histamine. are some quotes I found:
“I also had bad spell when I took a B12 high in Folic Acid. I learned high folic acid is part of Histadelia.”

Thomas, of course this doesn’t mean that folic acid is bad for everyone, only people who are experiencing Histadelia. Folic acid is beneficial, but since people with Histadelia shouldn’t take folic acid, the natural form which is folate can be taken.

DONT take folic acid, lecithin, and eliminate histamine foods such as tomatoes from your diet, eat a diet low in red meat and reduce consumption of spicy foods…

Yes, they may be correct in warning you against folic acid, but what they failed to tell you is that you need folate which can be supplied in the form of folic acid, but it can also be supplied in the form of pure folate which is fine for people with Histadelia to take.

What is folic acid, is that a bad one. As most of the fruits and veggies have it if I am not wrong in this??

Fruits and veggie have folate, which is the natural form of folic acid – which is the synthetic form of natural folate. But they do not contain folic acid, the man-made version.
In other words, folic acid is a B vitamin which is the synthetic or man-made form of folate which is a natural a B vitamin necessary for good health.

Reasons that folate is needed by human beings:
Keeps the brain young, avoiding aging of the mind.
Protects against heart disease.
Helps with depression.
Produces red blood cells.
Aids fetal development and prevents birth defects, also shortens labor time.

So because you have the histamine problem known as Histadelia, you don’t want to use the man-made version of this B vitamin which is folic acid, but you can obtain it in the natural form which is folate.
Like you noted, the natural form of folic acid is in fruits and veggies, but it’s called folate because it’s natural and not synthetic, which means it is safe for you.

Natural sources of folate are:
Pinto beans include large amounts of folic acid; black-eyed peas do as well.
Sunflower seeds include even more.
Okra, spinach and asparagus all include folic acid.
You can also purchase folate; just make sure it is the pure form of folate and not folic acid.

Then I have a question about vitamin C. Vitamin C helps a lot to clean out histamine but the usual vitamin c in acid form is not good for me. What is vitamin C in ascorbate form? And what is the difference to ascorbic acid which I should not take.

Thomas, who told you that you couldn’t have the acid form? Ascorbic acid is the scientific name for vitamin C. It’s all ascorbic acid as there is no other form of vitamin C since V-C is just another name for ascorbic acid.

Let me know whether this cleared up your concerns or not, Thomas.