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Hi raster 🙂
This is what my allergologist told me : histamine intolerance is like any other food intolerance – you change your diet, you change your histamine levels. It is usually as a result of poor diet (loads of chemicals and E’s in usually ready-made meals and drinks like coke, redbull etc.) lots of stress, ciggies and alcohol, chemicals in antibiotics and other pills – the reason is very simple – these things increase your histamine levels so high that your body cannot cope with it anymore, so it starts to rebell. The basic and most common symptoms include those I have : swoolen eyes (pain in the eyes) and swollen face, skin rash, depression and anxiety, headache, menstruation problems etc. – however they can be easily anything else – so the tests should be made .If you dont cure it, you continue to have symptoms !!!! Its the same like you were intolerant to lactose – you just cant consume it. However, on the plus side it is certainly not the end of the world and very difficult to sort out – strict diet from 2 – to 6 weeks, then slow reintroductions of food – your histamine levels should be back to normal, but just in case have yourself tested again.