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mellow wrote: So this means that what i was doing thinkingit would be helpfull (drinking water with baking soda about 1/3 of a cup mild mixture) is not helping =( because I thought it was because i was feeling awfull and its because I guess the candida is dieing so its making my body acidic (and making my body take the calcium from my bones to alkalinize it?) and i feel awfull so when i have the baking soda water i feel a bit better.. and ths could actually be making the problem worse?!!! oMgS! I´m never gona take control of this I still can afford to buy probiotics.. but figured out that i can make some with cabbagge only today =/

If money’s tight, you should try getting yourself some water kefir grains. Once you have them, you can make your own potent probiotic for basically nothing. You get to avoid dairy too.