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Just to restate on things, I can tolerate potatoes just fine, the only reaction I get is a mucuous one. I get a mucuous (cough) reaction for a lot of foods in general because I am a smoker, and there is flem in my lungs. But I can tell when its a lot harder/stronger than usual, and I’ve been getting that lately from the rice cakes.

As far as paprika, its just the “leaky gut” burn feeling I get. It used to be much worse, so its barely anything.

I would say that phase 2 probably set me back 5-10% over 4 months, its barely noticeable. I just am not progressing as much as I thought and my leaky gut has gotten worse.

However, I am healing other ailments other than leaky gut. I am taking some skin related vitamins and parasite eliminating supplements that will completely eliminate my ring worm. This would be a great achievement in itself because I’ve delt with this for over a year. I’ve had it throughout college and high school as well, and as the parasites die, I am feeling a ton better overall!

I’ve also had a nighttime urination problem and am taking min-chex and min-tran (iodine supplements) to strengthen my thyroid…this would be a great success to get over because it’ll help me sleep much more solidly in general.

I went to the dentist recently and had no cavities! I am taking magnesium chloride to purify my blood, improve digestion, and this has helped me have no cavities. Last year I had 1-2 cavities, and the year before I had 9 cavities (when I was very ill)…huge cost savings by not needing to get dental work done.

Thanks for the comments folks, but I am just going to have to work harder to heal leaky gut. I am going to get some cinnamon pearls soon, and I think I will start adding inulin to my yogurt (I believe its tasteless).