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Ah dammit Raster, what a bloody nuisance! You must be disgusted. Would you mind sharing a little more about what your diet has evolved into over recent months please? I’m teetering on the brink of stage 2 but am only really trying just adventurous stage 1 items yet plus a couple of fairly bland new items like potato once a week, cassava twice, wild rice a couple times? I still make sure I include plenty antifungal, prebiotic & probiotic foods every day (at every meal, really) and am not ready to relax that. Have you done so? What does your daily diet look like these days? Also your probiotic & antifungal regime? Have you eased off on that?

Really fascinated to see why this has happened to you… as I’m a couple months behind you and doing quite well.

Hope you get back on Thomas’ horse quickly and move on…


(Like CT I’m curious about the Paprika too. I wouldn’t have considered this a test item but have only used it a couple times anyway)