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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able,

That’s interesting. Well, I can’t blame you as money does indeed make the world go round.. and we all need a great hobby anyway! I’m in a good position here I guess as I am a writer by profession so luckily that can always be incorporated with anything else I want to check out :).

I’ve actually been looking to do a degree course in herbal medicine as it incorporates many other subjects I’m fascinated by.. obviously biology, anatomy and nutrition, not to mention the history and theory as well as controversies and recent studies! The research side of things would be great too.

Anyway I wanted to just thank you for all the advice you’ve shared and also thank you for opening my eyes and mind to something I didn’t know I was so interested by :).

I’m sure I’ll have many more questions in the near future in regards to candida treatment haha, particularly once I get back to the UK!

Oh also.. I hope this doesn’t sound like an odd question.. do you use Twitter at all?