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Able900 wrote:

Is it common to get the drunk feeling & severe brain fog on storming damp or raining days?

Never heard of this, but maybe someone on the forum has experienced it.

-Is it normal to get fatigued to the point you feel your legs are so heavy, like you’ve done a very hard workout & you have no energy to even walk from a to b & you have to sit down pretty much most of the time?

How long have you been on the diet, and are you following the protocol on the forum? Also, which diet?

-Since i’ve started the antifungals I initially felt awful, then better, especially when I first introduced molybdenum. I’ve since started to feel awful again, since cutting meat down & eating more eggs. I’m also finding once a week I feel like my food stops digesting, to the extent that I have to stop eating for 24 hours. I did a fast last weekend, followed by 1 day cleanse, then I started off just eating eggs 1 day, then chicken the next, then duck the following. Is it normal for your digestive system to shut down during treatment?

My opinion is, for one thing, you’re eating too much meat and possibly too many different types of food. Experiments have shown that the fewer food types you eat, the less symptoms of all types you’ll experience. I would eat only chicken for a few days, that is, IF you have to have meat, otherwise I’d stick to eggs only for a while. The meats are releasing ammonia every time you eat these and the ammonia is protecting the Candida allowing them to survive.

I’ve gone from feeling like I was getting better, to feel really ill, almost like what I imagine a drug addict going cold turkey feels like.

If you have a chance, post a list of everything you’re eating on a daily basis. If you’re taking 750 mcg of molybdenum a day to protect yourself from the die-off symptoms, then there’s something else going on that’s causing you to feel the way you do.


I had been following the diet on the website when I started reading the forum & slowly trying to adjust it so I didn’t lose too much protein or fat from my diet to maintain energy levels for work & looking after a 2 years old.

My concern about eating the same food source, eggs & chicken, is for years, until last year, I had been eating eggs (4-6) for breakfast & chicken for lunch, & often dinner as well (2-3 breasts).
I’m pretty sure i’ve also got leaky gut & have built sensitivities to these protein sources. Thats why i’ve been trying to include them, but not going on the full protocol on here (which i’m sure would work great if you didn’t suspect you were sensitive to them). I’m imagine you feel a bit like your banging your head against a brick wall with me, as you keep on giving me advice & I keep on eating meat. I do really appreciate all your knowledge, i’m just trying to find something that can keep my energy levels up. My candida blood test had my IgG in the ok range & my IgA 2.2 outside the optimal range.

A usual day at the moment would consist of a diet like this:
Wake Up: Lemon Water, then 5g L-glutamine, rhodiola, sometimes wobenzym, molybdenum, probiotic

Breakfast (7am):
4 Eggs, with some green veg from the list, maybe some fried onion, sometimes an avocado, raw garlic, 3-5 teaspoons of coconut oil
vit c, vit d, multi vit, HCL

Mid Morning Snack or Post workout snack if I have the energy (10-11am):
20g of pea protein isolates, 20g of hemp protein (both unflavoured), teaspoon chlorella, teaspoon spirulina, teaspoon barley grass, 30g milled flaxseed, teaspoon chicory coffee, 5g l-glutamine, stevia.

Lunch: 250g Chicken/Duck/Venison/Lamb/Buffalo, with onions, garlic, 1-2 green veg
vit c, CoQ10, HCL

Mid afternoon: Probiotic

Dinner: 250g Chicken/Duck/Venison/Lamb/Buffalo, with onions, garlic, 1-2 green veg
vit c, b-complex, zinc, magnesium, HCL, sometimes 5htp (if i’m feeling low or had a bad nights sleep the night before)

Before bed: Probiotic, 5g l-glutamine

I also sometimes take MSM, Fenugreek, CLA, Resveratol (although I stopped that since the one I bought had maltodextrin in it)

Other things worth mentioning:
-never had thrush
-allergies, eczema all my life (on & off)
-asthma badly as a child (nearly died 3 times)
-lots of un-needed exposure of antibiotics before i knew better
-a fair amount of nsaids usage to get over hangovers in my tweenties
-a diet high in good veg, fats (nuts, seeeds, etc) & meat. Low in sugar since i was 20, & low in starch since I was 28. I am 35 now.
-diagnosed with labyrinthitis 5years ago, & had 3 episodes in the last 15 months. Test show I have damage on one inner ear, but not convinced it was lab, as it was brain shaking sensation rather than chronic vertigo.