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Is the apple cider vinegar raw organic apple cider vinegar or regular distilled ACV? There is a big difference; one feeds the candida while the other does not.

Candida clear is a multi-antifungal product which we don’t recommend on the forum. This is why:–Why-we-SHOULDNT-do-it.aspx

Corn should not be eaten on the diet whatsoever and feeds the candida.

If you are eating steak (beef) this is not allowed on the diet. Beef and pork take days to digest in the gut (and ferment) while chicken and fish only take hours to digest. Basically beef and pork make you constipated and creates a beneficial environment for candida.

You diet doesn’t have enough food and you likely are experiencing weight loss. You need to eat close to twice the amount of food.

For anxiety, we recommend the herb ashwagandha which can likely aid in your symptoms.

What brand of probiotics are you taking? We recommend taking a high strain high count probiotic that contains either DDS-1 or HMF (human micro flora).

I would look at trying out SF722 undecenoic acid as an alternative to the antifungals you are currently taking; for many people this really allows them to make better progress.

Additionally, if you are taking a digestive enzyme on top of candex there is no need to do this because candex is a digestive enzyme. You don’t need two digestive enzymes at once.

Are you still experiencing die-off?

I would stop eating McDonald’s salads which are likely filled with GMO and either make organic salads at home or go to an organic salad bar. If you think Mcdonald’s salads are made from pure ingredients, I have an argument against this.

There’s a lot of supplements we can recommend but we are not naturopathic doctors.