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I just wanted to throw an update on my health and let everybody know about this in case somebody is experiencing the same thing.

I somehow got to do the test on Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, and I am thankful to God that I did.
What that awesome machine have told me is that I have severely low amino acid called “Lysine”.
It is now a 4th day that I take TwinLabs’ L-Lysine supplement (two tablets a day) and I already notice a pretty significant change in certain symptoms. Also it discovered that I have a mild form of gastritis and few more mild conditions. So let me update my current state.

Things I got rid of:
-Enormous urge to take a nap in the afternoon (now it’s much weaker and it happens from time to time, not every day as it used to).
-Itchiness all over the body while sleeping (especially the pelvic region).
-Most of my skin rushes.
-Very small improvement in terms of brain fog.
-Mixed emotions
-Overall horrible mental “taste in mouth”
-Lack of energy

Also the depression and anxiety are kind of getting better, but basically they are there cause some of other problems I have in my life :/ But it’ll get better 😉

Hopefully this can help someone and please if you have a chance and can afford to do a test with Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyizer please do so it is worth of every penny.