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I would ditch multivitamins. The balance of vitamins and minerals is always off on those. You get 20% of this and maybe 100% of that. You better work on getting enough healthy veggies in and you will get enough of nutrients. Make big batches of veggie and bone broth and consume during the week. That should give you most of your nutrients there. Have daily green leafy vegetable, cabbage family vegetable and onion family vegetables and you should be fine in terms of vitamins/minerals. Spinach is pretty low on nutrients you need. Try to add kale and collard greens as they pack a ton of nutrition you need to get healthy and recover.

Search the forum for bentonate clay, I think that it can cause internal bleeding or something? You are better off with Molybdenum and milk thistle for detox. Do lemon drink three times per day, vitamin C, sauna or hot bath if you can get to it (I have two small kids, a shower is a luxury for me ha-ha).

If you hate the taste of ACV, try to make a dressing out of it. 1 part ACV, 2 parts EVOO, sea salt, granulated dry garlic and dill. Shake it all up in a little bottle or jar (I washed few little glass bottles from my kids juices and use that to mix and carry to work if I need to). Pour over your salads or try it with steamed veggies.

Best of luck to you!