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shayfo;41381 wrote: I’m feeling really good these days. All of my major symptoms — fatigue, brain fog, apathy, mood swings, irritability, “stagnant blood” feeling, sluggish digestion, overly soft bowel movements, insatiable cravings/hunger, tinea versicolor, occasional acne, gnarly PMS/menstrual pain, uncharacteristically low libido, itchy eyes, inability to lose weight, headaches — have improved significantly, and some have disappeared altogether.

Things I’ve learned:
-it gets easier
-to take things one day/hour/meal at a time
-to observe my feelings when I watch people eat things I currently don’t eat without getting upset (usually!)
-if I’m feeling ambivalent about being hungry, I’m probably hungry
-how to be at parties sober again
-not all coconut manna/butter brands are created equal
-too much gf oat bran/buckwheat make me feel gross
-how to make fluffy pancakes
-yogurt is trying to kill me
-I can’t seem to burn myself out on asparagus

Hi, Sharon. Thanks a lot for the update, and it’s definitely a very positive move ‘up’ from where you were 120 days ago.

By the way, I love your list of things you’ve learned.

I think a lot of us, once we’ve grown use to a ‘healthy’ way of eating our meals, also observe other people eating their food choices with various feelings. I find myself often thinking, “God, they have no idea …” Then inevitably add to the thought with, “And they don’t even wanna know.”

I hate that the Greek yogurt is still “trying to kill” you but you’re not alone in this as it seems to bother quite a few people throughout the treatment; my guess is because it’s commercially made, and we’re never really certain if the claims on the label are fact or fiction.