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annieamanda;54423 wrote: Still here … kind of.

After over a year of candida diet and GAPS diet with no effect at all (in fact my food tolerances keep getting worse) I went crazy and tried the 80/10/10 vegan diet for 3 weeks. Which I’m sure you already know made me SUPER sick.

The first week and a half I felt better – I even went running! Then all my awful symptoms of systemic candida came crashing back. Waking up after being unconscious on your living room floor for an undetermined amount of time will do it.

I have a few questions, if its not too upsetting to answer them.
I understand if it is, no one wants to re-visit painful thoughts!

What made you go 80-10-10?
Im curious because I have been 80-10-10 before and it was the ultimate-awesome.
No experienced yeast issues while on it.Doesnt mean it wasnt there, just hanging out waiting for me,lol.

I noticed there is alot of 8-1-1 BS on youtube saying they can cure candida.
I have quite literally debated-until-I was-bullied-away… Im not saying the lifestyle doest rock, it does. But it sure as hell dont cure candida. It doesnt cause it,either, which is what I think the proponents of it worry that people will think.

I also think being 80-10-10 gives you a ridiculous amount of energy so I can see where you felt ok to run. Unfortunately The Candida Diet concludes that heavy exercise is not a good idea while on treatment 🙁

Did your naturopath tell you to eat broccoli and cauliflower to keep ketosis from happening?
Broccoli and cauliflower are too lowcarb to keep ketosis from happening,if I remember correctly.
I remember my mom eating those on the Atkins diet way back.

So glad you are doing this with the help of a ND. very few people get far without some kind of support…and im not just talking about candida. Any major illness.

Just having a forum to bounce ideas in and/or vent in does alot of good.