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CandAssist by Balance ONE


Candida overgrowth is often quite difficult to treat. This is because Candida albicans (and other Candida species) uses a variety of strategies to hide from and outsmart your immune system.

In your gut, Candida can switch between yeast and fungal forms depending on the pH of its surroundings. It can even release alkaline byproducts like ammonia which enable it to switch to its more virulent fungal by actively changing the pH of its environment.

It forms a protective matrix (or biofilm) that enables it to hide from your immune system. Lastly, there is evidence that Candida albicans physically changes its cell walls to hide even more effectively from your immune system. (1, 2)

All of this means that simply changing your diet and taking probiotics may not be enough to fight a Candida overgrowth in your gut and elsewhere. That’s why I recommend making a high-quality antifungal supplement a part of your Candida treatment plan.

How To Choose An Antifungal Supplement

To be really effective, your antifungal supplement should fulfill several different criteria.

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First, it should contain the most well-researched and effective antifungal herbs. These include caprylic acid, berberine, and undecylenic acid.

Second, it should use delayed-release capsules. These allow those beneficial ingredients to reach the gut intact, where they can start to act against the Candida colonies that live there. If the ingredients are released too early, in your stomach, they can be degraded by your stomach acid and lose effectiveness.

Third, it should be easy to take. Some antifungal supplements come in enormous pills. These are not only difficult to swallow, but they also offer few options for adjusting your dose. If your antifungal comes in smaller capsules, you can adjust your dose up and down much more easily.

Fourth, it should be free of all common allergens. A yeast overgrowth can lead to significant inflammation in your gut and elsewhere, and you certainly don’t want your supplements to aggravate that. Look for an antifungal that is free of common, inflammatory allergens like gluten and soy.

CandAssist by Balance ONE

There are very few high-quality antifungal supplements on the market that meet these criteria. And those that do tend to be exorbitantly priced. That’s why I worked with Balance ONE to formulate a CandAssist supplement that is exceptional quality, effective, and reasonably priced.

Here are a few key reasons why CandAssist is such an effective supplement:

  • Natural, antifungal ingredients to fight Candida, including Caprylic Acid, Undecylenic Acid, NAC, Berberine, Olive Leaf Extract, and Garlic Extract.
  • Delayed-release capsules to get those ingredients safely to your gut.
  • 90 delayed-release capsules per bottle (enough for a whole month).
  • Free of nuts, dairy, gluten, soy. Non-GMO and vegetarian.

You can find CandAssist on the Balance One website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CandAssist made?

Do you know where your supplements are made? Some are made overseas in facilities that don’t adhere to US standards. That’s why it’s really important to understand where your supplements come from and how they’re made.

Balance ONE CandAssist is made in the state of Oregon in a GMP-certified facility that complies with all the latest standards. All of the ingredients are rigorously tested before use.

Why doesn’t CandAssist contain probiotic bacteria?

This is a common mistake that I see with anti-Candida formulations. Including probiotic bacteria in an anti-Candida formula is a bad idea because most antifungal herbs also exhibit some antibiotic activity. For example, garlic is an effective Candida-killer but it is also a mild antibiotic.

When manufacturers put antifungal herbs and probiotic bacteria in the same formulation, those antifungals will likely kill most of the bacteria while they are still in the capsule. That’s a waste of effort and money.

Probiotics are an excellent way to repopulate the gut with good bacteria, but you have to take them correctly. Don’t take them alongside anything like an antibiotic or antifungal supplement that might reduce their effectiveness. When taking a probiotic, make sure that you take it at least an hour away rom these other supplements.

The Importance of Good Gut Health

Researchers are discovering that the balance of flora in your gut is linked to every part of your body. That’s why terms like the ‘brain-gut axis’ and the ‘gut-skin axis’ are becoming more and more common.

An imbalanced gut has been linked to low mood, yeast infections, weight gain, impaired nutrient absorption, unhealthy skin, low energy levels, poor digestion, chronic inflammation, and more.

Every one of your body systems is linked to the gut in some way. It contains around 70% of your immune cells, generates some vital nutrients that your body needs, and helps to regulate inflammation. The antifungal ingredients in CandAssist have been chosen to fight a yeast overgrowth, get your gut flora back into balance, and improve your gut health.

CandAssist is available for sale on Amazon or the Balance ONE website. It’s the #1 antifungal supplement that I recommend for Candida.

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  1. Sharon Lawson says:

    I don’t see any info on how to take these. I’ve generally seen that the Cleanse supplements are only taken for around 10 days followed by probiotics. Is this the same or to be taken ongoing until the Candida is under control? This could be awhile if, as I have read, some have it very entrenched and could take months to be under control. Thank you for your help.

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Sharon, most people will take CandAssist for around 2 months. Although after that you have the option of dropping down to a longer-term maintenance dose of just 1 capsule per day (the regular dose is 3 capsules per day).

      You can take CandAssist with our probiotic. Just allow at least an hour between them, as CandAssist also has some ingredients with mild antibiotic properties which could reduce the effectiveness of the probiotic.

      Quite a few of our customers have already tried it and say that it helped. Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  2. Esther Xkenjik says:


    Viewed your website and interested in buying the product.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for working on this product. About a year ago I went through a 60 day cleanse which saw my Candida krusei levels drop significantly. However after testing recently I see I have a new overgrowth of Candida albicans. Last time I used the Caprylic Acid & Candifense products. I like the idea of consuming just 3 or so pills a day, during my previous battle it was very difficult and painful consuming over 12 capsules daily. What specifically about the formulation of Balance ONE makes it better than the previous formulation I was on, also how do I maintain my gains, I know diet is key but I also found I suffer from a lack of a holistic diet when a lot of foods are taken off the menu. Do you have a guide that integrates Diet alongside taking Balance ONE from a holistic perspective? I want to get better, eat good food while doing it and stay healthy afterwords.

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Paul,

      You might want to check out the Ultimate Candida Diet program that I wrote with Dr Eric Wood. That contains the kind of holistic protocol that you’re referring to.

      As for our new CandAssist formula, we designed it with some characteristics that make it particularly helpful for Candida sufferers:
      1. It has 8 natural antifungals.
      2. It uses small capsules and a regular dose of 3 capsules per day. That means that you can start with a small dose of one capsule per day and increase it as you feel comfortable.
      3. It uses delayed release capsules that get this antifungal ingredients past stomach acid and to your gut.

      You might also want to check out the Balance ONE Probiotic and Liver Support formulas that we formulated for Candida. Many of my readers take a combination of them.

      I hope that helps!

  4. Aksel says:


    I’m wondering if I can take this supplement 3 times a day even though I’m doing intermittent fasting. Will it break my fast?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Yes, you can take it three times per day. It shouldn’t break your fast because it contains no calories 🙂
      Anna – Customer Service

  5. Tannya Lee says:

    Can I give this to a 12 year old? If so would the dosage change?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Tannya, this is designed for adults and might be too strong for younger digestive systems. However, it is possible to reduce the dose by taking just one capsule instead of three.

  6. Sofia says:

    I’m wondering if I can take this supplement with the liver support formula?
    Thank you

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Yes, they can be taken together! I would recommend taking both with food to prevent any temporary digestive side effects.

  7. Anne Alexander says:

    How much is the Balance One?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Currently, it is $26.97 for a bottle 🙂

  8. Sharon B says:

    Can I use this product to replace prescription Nystatin?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      We do have many readers who prefer using natural antifungals to prescription antifungals. Natural antifungals are still effective but are generally milder and have fewer side effects. However, it’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor if you are deciding to stop your prescription medicine 🙂

  9. Michelle says:

    I just received my bottle of CandAssist Balance One in mail today and if I’m correct, it does help with biofilm and parasites, I’m i right or what!?

    1. Wiley200 says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Yes, it contains several ingredients that can help to break down biofilms and also fight parasites 🙂
      Anna – Customer Service

    2. yeiro says:

      Lauric Acid will knock back biofilm

  10. Alison says:

    Hi, I have been following your program and taking all 3 Balance One Products and they are doing a fantastic job for me! Within the last few days I contracted an infection in my eye and have to take Bactrim. What is the suggestion for taking the antifungals either during the treatment with bactrim or after I am finished with the antibiotic. I am taking the probiotic currently, but not sure what to do about my CandAssist or Liver Formula. I did ask the doctor for 3 Diflucan tablets , but he was unsure as to whether I needed those. Thank You.

  11. Nancy says:

    Would CandAssist help clear Candida
    and fungal toenails?
    Just curious..why didn’t you add cellulose to
    your formula?

    1. Lisa Richards says:

      Hi Nancy. Yes it can help! The gut acts as a ‘reservoir’ of yeast that can reinfect other areas of the body even after the local infections has been treated. An imbalanced gut also weakens your immunity and leaves you more vulnerable to these infections.

      There is a tiny amount of cellulose in the capsules. THere’s no need to add cellulose anyway – you get far more from the vegetables in your diet than you ever would from a supplement 🙂

  12. Martha says:

    What’s the difference between CandAssist and Candida Cleanse? What does Balance One refer to?

    1. anna says:

      CandAssist is the new name for Candida Cleanse. They are the same product 🙂

  13. Evalee says:

    I see in the comments that Candida Cleanse is mentioned for fungal toenails. Is it better than CandAssist, or should I use both?

    1. anna says:

      CandAssist is the new name for Candida Cleanse. They are the same product 🙂

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