Your Candida Experiences

Here are some testimonials from our readers who have found success following The Candida Diet plan. This diet is designed to reduce gut inflammation and fight a Candida overgrowth.

Are you suffering from gut dysbiosis and a Candida overgrowth? The symptoms of Candida can include brain fog, fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, repeated yeast infections, and much more.

If you’re suffering from Candida overgrowth, don’t worry – you’re not alone! We get lots of emails from readers detailing their experiences (good and bad) with Candida.

If you’d like to provide a little support to other sufferers, submit it through our contact page, and we’ll add your story right away. These are all real stories from our readers and many Candida sufferers find them useful.

It’s extraordinary to see the different routes by which people came to realize that they were suffering from Candida. Some people got an immediate diagnosis from their MD. Others spent years searching and looking, without really knowing what was causing their symptoms.

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Here’s one very important thing to add to your to-do list. Get tested! There are stool tests that can effectively diagnose an intestinal Candida overgrowth. They’ll point out if you have any other forms of gut dysbiosis too, as well as chronic inflammation and other conditions.

Getting tested is the first step to taking actionable steps to improve your health and feeling better again.

Thank You!

“Several years ago I had a yeast infection and was treated for it. But it happened again. And again. And again. It came to the point that yeast infection came and went just as often as my period and when those two actually happened at the same time it was living hell.

Nothing helped, drugs and creams did not work anymore and each outbreak was worse than the previous one. Gradually other symptoms appeared, constant fatigue, crazy mood swings, crying spells, increased appetite and weight gain, I gained 20 pounds in a year and I have always been normal weight before, I was always so bloated and felt like a disgusting nasty mess . Also, one of the worst symptoms were acne and not the harmless blackheads, but a huge, painful, puss filled cysts all over my face and back.

I have lost all interest in sex. I’ve been to many doctors and they had no idea what was wrong and I think many have assumed that it’s all in my head, that I am a hypochondriac and just need to “tough it out”.

At one point, during a period + worst ever yeast infection that spread to my anus, intergluteal cleft and lower thighs and lasted 2 weeks + bout of depression + being exhausted to the point that I couldn’t get out of the bed and go to work anymore, I was preparing to kill myself. Yes, it was that bad.

Then I discovered Candida diet and of course I gave it a try. Stayed on only veggies, eggs and some nuts for a week and relief came right away! After couple months following the diet plan I noticed that yeast infections are getting shorter and milder and in 3 or 4 months they were gone as well as my horrendous acne. And then slowly my mood and emotions got back to normal.

Libido took the longest to come back, but after a year on this food plan it is! I am happy to report that ALL of my symptoms disappeared. I haven’t had yeas infection in about 8 months, I am full of energy again, I am off antidepressants and antifungals that I was fed to by doctors like candy. I have my life back.

It is disgusting that not a single doctor said one very simple thing to me “Change your food. Stop eating sugar and bad carbs”. No! in fact, all of them claimed that diet has NOTHING to do with my condition. Well, I know better now. Thank you!”

Shared by Iryn

This plan is so worth it!

“I am a male and have been on this food plan for about 3 months now, and all I can say is, it most definitely works. I used to be a very healthy, active individual before my body succumbed to this autoimmune disease. Mind you, I had been a sugar addict though, which caused Candida in the first place i’m sure. Before this illness took hold, I would fall ill with a common cold maybe only once a year.

After Candida took over my body, I started to have colds approximately every 6 weeks. This went on for a year. Not to mention chronic diarrhea, fungal infections in my body and a general feeling of ill health.

Starting this diet most likely will be hard for you, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it (ha!), but once you get going you will not want to look back, trust me. My health started to improve slowly but surely. As I write this I can tell that my gut continues to heal and I no longer fall ill on a regular basis. I intend to continue eating this way to the unforeseeable future, possibly never returning to my regular food regime.

For me giving up coffee has been hard! I gave up processed sugar 2 years ago and that was a walk in the park compared to giving up coffee. So I did my research and it would appear that you can actually have one cup of coffee a day without any problems, and that is exactly what I have been doing (I know the book advises against it).

It appears not to have compromised my food plan. I suppose it depends on the individual, and I imagine following the food plan guidelines to a T is the key to healing your body.

One word of caution: I developed a Folic Acid vitamin deficiency during this plan, probably due to the fact that one is not allowed to consume wheat during this diet. A telltale sign of the said deficiency is a burning sensation in the mouth and a very sore, scarlet red tongue.

Interestingly, about 24 hours later after I started taking Folic Acid supplement the bothersome symptoms completely disappeared! In other words, make sure you get all the needed nutrients and it is best you take good quality vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B, according to my experience. Again, your body may react differently.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, and I wish you luck, this plan is so worth it!”

Shared by Antti V.

Was looking for weight loss and found Candida

“Last year my coworkers and I decided to do our own weight loss challenge with a $500.00 prize for the winner. My journey was one I did not expect. Before the diet I drank practically everyday, I had gained so much weight in one year. This was due to depression from a six year break up, not to mention that my diet consisted of meat and potatoes.

We had 6 months to lose the weight, but at the 3 month mark I got serious about it. I read a book about raw apple cider vinegar and how good it is for weight loss. The book also mentioned coconut oil and its great benefits.

These two products are suppose to be healing. Healing was the key word. That book led to another book that was an anti-Candida diet. I began to follow the instructions. I started to cut out processed foods like sugar, cakes, pasta, etc. The first month was the hardest. I felt so weak, and sick, one morning I woke up shaking and threw up. I was supposed to work out, but went back to bed instead. That was the worse I felt.

I also did a 3 day juice fast with all green veggies. Changes were happening, I was healing, but I must admit that I worked out as well. I was starting to lose weight, but it was no longer about that, I wanted to heal my body instead, and in the end, I won the contest. I also noticed my body odor changing for the best, my skin was clearer, and my joints didn’t feel achy.

I dedicated myself to healing. I spent a lot of alone days, but it led me to learning to be alone and not be so needy. There is definitely a psychological side to it. We must also find out why we eat the foods we eat.

Best of luck on your journey. Oh and I noticed coworkers not being supportive and telling me that I should live a balanced life, that I shouldn’t deprive myself of sweets and so on. But in my head all I could think of is that my diet made sense to me, I was feeling much better physically and emotionally. Why would I want to let go of that?”

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Shared by Cindy

Finally at 48… I know what was wrong with me…

“All my life I had issues… either bone and joint pain [Osgood-Schlaters disease] or infections [urinary, sinus, vaginal, even to a point of PID, respiratory, cellulitis, etc.] and dry itchy skin along with chicken skin [Keritosis Pilaris] –  hot showers made me itchy. I thought I was allergic to the water. I was sensitive to any smell other than cinnamon or some easy spice.

Any harsh smells would cause mucous membranes to close and make it difficult to breathe. Antibiotics meant instant vaginal yeast infection… so with the script for the meds, the doc would write one for the Monistat. Yogurt and cranberry juice were part of my typical diet.

At 42 I ruptured 2 discs in my back, had the surgery, 6 months later I was diagnosed with “failed surgery”. Who fails surgery? Wow, what a mess. Depression, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, pain killers, neuroleptic drugs for nerve pain, night sweats, boils, rashes, incontinence, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, degenerative disc disease, anxiety, my thyroid stopped working out of nowhere, so weight gain as well and I was deemed totally disabled and the beginning of menopause set in. Urgh! Drugs to deal with side effects of other drugs. Vicious circle.

Then 5 years ago my sister in law told me about the Candida diet and I put her off. My best friend went to be tested by a naturopath and we started talking about it. I became interested and  just went on the advice I could find.

I am happy to say, and very blessed as well, that I am off all the drugs, the only “pills” that go in my mouth now are supplements! I feel great, my pains are gone, my energy is up, and my weight is decreasing. I am so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to share my story of what He has done for me, giving the knowledge of how to be healed.”

Shared by Marguerite

Fed up and only 30!

“I have been struggling for years with my weight even though I train 4-5 times a week, bloating (looking ready to drop by the end of the day), very painful stomach, persistent “lady” infections, constipation, diarrhea, bad back/knees/wrists etc, mood swings (thought that was just ME!), acid reflux due to hiatus hernia where the symptoms have increased to severe burning, chest/back pain and loving the bad breath – lucky I have a boyfriend who loves me and understands!

I’ve been on countless antacids, which don’t work and was being sent for invasive test after test, involving tubes – ahhhhh!, I assumed I had a wheat and dairy intolerance (symptoms seemed linked) I cut it out and felt slightly better but dropped 6lb without trying in the first 5 days, so I had a Food Intolerance test done yesterday and it’s actually yeast, beef and pork that I am intolerant to, which makes sense.

I’m now 10lb down and on a special diet – similar to this Candida diet, taking acidophilus, Caprylic acid capsules and milk thistle.

After Googling, I found this website and I am now going to get tested on Monday and I’m going to follow the diet on here and see how I get on. I’m hoping for some relief and without going on much more, it’s nice but not nice to hear that I’m not alone.”

Shared by Kelly

Over 50 Symptoms!

“I was stressed to the max due to 3 forest fires close to my house. I had a sudden onset of pain in my colon and severe constipation. I went to a digestive disease specialist who gave me a colonoscopy. He said my colon was perfectly fine and to take laxatives because I must have a lazy colon. Even with laxatives, the pain was severe and not improving.

I went to a chiropractor and he notice I had poor balance and gave me Psyllium powder. I found another chiropractor who did B.E.S.T. for six months. He said toxic thoughts were making me sick. I went to another chiropractor and he tested me with reflexology and came up with formaldehyde poisoning. By this time I could not walk a straight line, was constantly dizzy, had cramping and shooting pains as well as numbness in my legs. My knees were so stiff I could barely bend them.

Muscle weakness was so severe that I could not walk across the room without so much pain, dangerous falls, chronic constipation, weird vivid dreams, hysterical laughing and crying outbursts, complete lack of sex drive, excessive weight gain and numerous other problems. I developed a drinking problem 10 years ago, smoked cigarettes and over ate sweets and carbohydrates .

Last month I found a medical doctor that specializes in natural healing. First off he listened to me for over an hour. Then he ordered extensive blood and urine tests. When we met 2 weeks ago he interpreted the results to me: severe yeast, mold, fungal, cadmium and other unnaturally high levels of toxins! I started chelation therapy and given an outline of the Candida Diet.

Needless to say, I am somewhat relieved at finally getting a diagnosis. Now I will start on the long road to recovery. Quitting cigarettes and alcohol a year ago has not really diminished the condition all that much.

This is a deep seated long term condition that is going to take time and effort to get under control. As I sat here reading others’ stories, I see that Candida has many forms and I am grateful to have found this site. Thank you for sharing.”

Shared by Marlene

Felt Like I Was Dying…

“Well, I’ve read all the stories and here is what I have to say…. Candida took my life and threw it away, literally! One day I woke up and felt like I was dying. I seriously thought I did not have long to live. I cut everything out of my diet except for chicken, fish, and dark green vegetables. I basically ate just those few things and it changed my life FOREVER.

I would have never dreamed after feeling SO horrible all that time, that I could simply change my diet and that it would change and turn everything around. I lost 55 lbs. and never felt better in my entire life. I even breathe better. I don’t drink diet colas anymore either. It was hard to break the cravings, but when I looked at it as though I was feeding the bug that was killing me, in no time at all, I became serious and I feel like I am on a natural high all the time, my energy is back better than before actually. I can not remember the last time I felt this good.

Be faithful to the diet and make it a life long way of eating and change and you will never be too tired and you will live twice as long. I got my life back and now I have the life I always wanted. I can even stay up later and get up earlier than the teenagers in the home.”

Shared by Dawn

I’ve never felt better!

“I was finally diagnosed with a Candida overgrowth after suffering for 4 1/2 years with symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue, skin rashes, ear infections, bloating, vaginal itching and chronic constipation. After seeing 7 different doctors, I finally stumbled across the right one.

I’ve been on the diet for one year now and feel amazing. I’m symptom free and really, have never felt better and I also dropped 53 lbs. I will still have flare ups on occasions after thinking I can try a new food or an old food I used to enjoy but it’s not often. It’s been a tough time trying to adjust to a new way of eating but it’s worth it!”

Shared by Kelly

Candida and Food Intolerance

“I have been on an anti-Candida diet for 6 weeks now. I suffer from a skin condition called Keritosis Pilaris (chicken skin) and it is reduced by 75%. This is the first time its been this light in over 6 years! I went to a chiropractor for NAET allergy testing and have tested allergic to several things so I removed them from my diet as well.

I’ve had excessive intestinal bloating for 3 years and the chiropractor suggested I have adrenal fatigue. Apparently AF, food intolerance/allergies and Candida often come together. Healing is slow going with all these conditions to treat (mostly with herbal supplements) I still have a lot of bloating, but expect that to lessen as I bring my adrenals back into balance.

I highly recommend others look into these conditions as well. Good luck to everyone and stay strong!”

Shared by Holli

Enjoying life again!!!!

“It all started when I took way too many antibiotics for recurring sinus infections after the birth of my daughter in 1995. In 2003 mild migraines and stomach pains were calling my name. Little by little things started getting worse. I noticed I was extremely hypersensitive to perfumes and tons of environmental causes such as car fumes and smoke.

My joints began aching in the mornings especially my knees and ankles and I would tire easily. Migraines turned into horrible vomiting attacks that would land me in the hospital at least once a month. I lost all interest in sex and was depressed and wanted to sleep all the time. I was constipated and bloated and gained 10 lbs.

In 2006 I completed my Masters and began working at a school and would come home in pain and exhausted. My emotions were running low and I felt like I was angry and moody all the time. So many doctors including a rheumatologist wanted me to take plaquenil but I refused. I was coming to a point of accepting that at age 41 feeling bad all over was due to getting older.

I made an appointment with an M.D. who believes in Preventative Medicine and he tested me for Candidiasis. He placed me on a sugar free (including no fruit)/yeast free diet along with supplements and Nystatin 4x daily. I have been committed for about a month now and I am absolutely amazed at the amount of energy and how awesome I feel. I can stay awake during movie now and I have my life with my family again!!!!”

Shared by Tina

Beating my Candida

“After eight years of very ill health I am on my way up. Little did I know about Candida, but now I understand all about it. I have worked on this, followed the right diet, and my health is getting back to normal. What a blessing to feel well again! Eight years ago I was a hopeless mess crying every day because I did not understand the problem. Believe me, it is well worth all the effort to feel well and normal again.”

Shared by Sandy

Not missing sugar

“I have just had my first sugar-free Christmas and I can scarcely believe it! I thought it would be impossible for my craving and love of sweet things – especially chocolate – to go, but it certainly has, and my Candida has gone with it. I had no trouble watching others eat chocolate, mince pies, pudding and Yule log while I indulged in Greek yoghurt. I don’t mind one bit because I feel and look so much better. Now I look forward to my first sugar-free Easter!”

Shared by Tanya

Amazing it has worked so fast!

“I have suffered from Candida since I was a child. I don’t know what triggered it. I also had eczema and they have bothered me a lot. When I went to the doctor, before he even diagnosed me, he simply said Candida means either HIV or Diabetes infection. I was so mad at that doctor for scaring me. I wonder where they got him from. Anyways, I have basically been on all treatments of Candida. I have got Urine Infections, Cystitis.

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It reached a point where the doctor said they are not sure what’s wrong and they need to scan me. They checked my kidneys, bladder, ovaries…all was okay. I have done everything, and no doctor has ever said try the Candida diet. I just searched on internet and found it and tried it. Today is my 3rd day on it. Its pretty harsh but amazingly my discharge has cleared. I don’t know if it works this fast. Everybody laughs at me making my separate food… but I think it is worth it.

After suffering eczema and all that, I better make the sacrifice. I take a garlic before bed, when I get hungry I take yogurt or make vegetable soup. I have omelet with lots of salad mixed in yoghurt. I drink green tea. In the mornings when I wake I take lemon in hot water. I eat meat, chicken and fish in salad.”

Shared by Sandy

It is good to feel good!

“I have been feeling very weak and drowsy for three months. A natural doctor told me that it can be due to Candida overgrowth. Candida? Well, I started reading about it and I realized that stress has reduced my immune system function, allowing Candida to overgrowth and parasites as well. I am doing this special diet and I can see a big difference. Garlic, avocados, celery, fennel, are my new friends. I have relapses every week, but good thing is not every day. It takes time, but its worth the effort.”

Shared by Mary

One Year Later

“A year ago December 2008 I realized something was very wrong. I have been on thyroid medicine for 20 years so I assumed that was the problem. At the doctors office my test results came back that I am allergic to beef, molds, cats and dogs. They also said my thyroid levels tested high so they lowered my dose of Synthroid. Two weeks after giving up beef I feel a little better the bloating and brain fog improved but still having pain through my body and the fatigue was so awful I went back to the doctor she then tells me I have fibromyalgia. Not buying this. I then made an appointment for an endocrinologist he recommended I go off thyroid medication. Six weeks after going off the medication my pain and fatigue improved. I can now sleep through the night which I had not done in 10 years. I am now left with symptoms of Candida which come and go. Some of my symptoms are joint pain, rash, bladder pain, fatigue, and brain fog. My last attack was when I went out and drank too much. Since then I have gone on the Candida diet. I am feeling a little better and am hoping that I can stick to it through the holidays. Good luck everyone this sucks feeling this way!”

Shared by Karen

Allergies and Candida

“I knew I had problems when I was continually getting excess mucus, sinus issues, weekly diarrhea and other embarrassing symptoms which I always tried to hide. My visit to the naturopath last year made me aware that I had food allergies and now I am going through the NAET program (Natural Allergy Elimination Treatment). All my allergies had depleted my immune system and it caused hypoglycemia. Earlier on in my life and later on as I read more about it, realized I had developed Candida which was confirmed in my health check up. I am now following the recommended Candida diet and feeling glad (ironically) that I am experiencing Candida die off and the unfortunate symptoms. As I have allergies, I am using food I have been treated for. I found out that I had and still have to be treated for nearly every food allergy under the sun, which I was not aware of, things like vitamin C, nightshade vegetables etc. I recommend anyone to ensure that they have either cleared allergies for recommended Candida diet or avoid use to not cause any ill effect as untreated and overexposure of allergic foods, lead into more health problems and every medical condition known, like Candida.

I love the prospect that I am facing a life of food freedom and that my soon to be strengthened immune system will prevent any further illness. If you have Candida, be rest assured that it goes away and it takes a great deal of discipline, but please read the fine print of what may cause an allergic reaction and get them cleared! It forms part of the Candida treatment. Yeah to the courageous who don’t want to face this abnormality ever again!”

Shared by Sonora

Candida and Grapefruit Seed Extract

“For the last year I have been suffering intermittently from brain fog, lack of appetite, terrible digestive problems, constipation and general lack of vitality. I went to the Naturopath last week and she diagnosed Candida. I have been avoiding flour, sugar, coffee and eating vegetables and soups for the last four days. I feel so much better. She recommended grape fruit seed extract which I have been taking too. I really think Candida is a genuine condition which effects you terribly. I would advise anyone who expects they have it to get a test and treat it with the right diet. I feel so much better now.”

Shared by Karen

Day 6 (1st Week)

“Well – I’m 30 years old, and have been suffering from the following in the last 6 years: bloating (especially on a Monday), energy levels dropping by 3.30pm in the afternoon, bad breath, always hungry, gym every day with no results, couldn’t get to sleep, bad insomnia, and waking up feeling tired in the mornings. I also had a problem with bags under my eyes. I met a lady who told me about the Candida diet. I started doing a lot of internet research on it, and decided to try it and I’m now on day 6. For the first 3 days, headaches are really bad, but energy levels in increase from day 1. From day 3 you start getting a runny tummy – I believe this is your body detoxing. I’m on day six, and my tummy is still running, but its different. It feels like my body is naturally flushing out all the toxins. My skin has improved and the bags under my eyes are starting to disappear. Also, I can see my stomach is flattening already. No weight lost yet, only day 6, but I can feel my tummy is reducing in size already. Also, I had a drink (bad bad) with my friends the other night. I had a Vodka and Soda and it made me feel really funny, and queasy, so I really wouldn’t recommend it for the first 2 weeks at least everyone.”

Shared by Natalie

Feeling Better

“I have been taking most of the products recommended by you and two weeks later, I am feeling an amazing difference in my energy level. Bentonite, very difficult to swallow, Psyllium, works better than anything I’ve ever tried, also a product called Mastic Gum which came highly recommended. The diet is almost impossible to follow so I broke down a little everyday for the first seven days. Nothing major: tea, coffee, sweetener, crackers, one whiskey, a potato etc. No sugars. My third week and I am ready to be more strict and increase the benefits I am already experiencing. One step at a time but at least I’ve started in the right direction.”

Shared by Jane

Candida and Silicone Implants

“I had breast implants for 15 months and had all the symptoms of Candida especially similar to yours Lindsey. Along with other terrible random symptoms. I have been explanted for 8 weeks and all my symptoms have improved immeasurably. Now my immune system has been compromised and I get recurring Candida. Diflucan worked beautifully but 2 weeks later due to my weak immunity – back came the Candida. I’m going to try this diet, add some more Diflucan, and olive leaf and hope I will see the end of this awful health problem. I will post again when I see results. I urge you if you have silicone or saline implants consider the fact that your Candida will not go permanently as a possible link to silicone toxicity disease.”

Shared by Debbie

Me vs. Candida

“It has been about 8 years now, that I have been getting changes in my body. I went from 170lbs to 220lbs and thought it was my diet. I kept going to the gym almost every day for five years and there was no weight loss, feeling bloated every night and started to get intolerant to different foods. I’ve also noticed discoloration in my skin pigment and experienced tiredness, brain fog and numbness. A few weeks ago Friday night at about midnight my body started feeling weird and my stomach was huge. I thought I was going to die, so I started to research online about my symptoms and lead me to CANDIDA. At the moment I am two weeks into the diet and cleanse and already I have lost 10lbs and I’m feeling better. But only wish that the sugar cravings would go away lol…..”

Shared by Ian

Sick since birth!!

“Well, I have been sick with allergies, stomach problems and eczema since childhood. As I’ve gotten older these symptoms have only gotten worse. I was treated for bad bacteria, therefore I was put on a cocktail of antibiotics to wipe out all bacteria then repopulate… but this was the worst thing I could have done. I have been on every medicine for acid reflux imaginable, no help. I’ve been to 6 different doctors and no diagnosis. I had extreme joint pain, gas, bloating, blurred vision, fatigue, mood swings, inflamed glands, sore throat, water retention, sensitivity to chemicals and perfumes and dyes. I also have hair loss, severe acne @ the age of 49 completely out of the blue, itching, burning skin, red burning eyes, also I had brain fog so bad I forgot my son’s middle name! I experience dizziness, slurred speech, blurred vision and an unquenchable longing for alcohol

I recently diagnosed myself with Candida and through research have put myself on probiotics and a yeast cleanse. The Candida mutates and becomes immune, so you have to alternate every 2 weeks or so with different probiotics. You also need prebiotics, they feed the new bacteria you introduce into your system. You must follow the diet and for the die off symptoms I strongly recommend activated charcoal. You mix it with water and it is tasteless – just a bit messy and gritty. IT REALLY WORKS to take the toxins out of your system with the least amount of “die off” symptoms. I am on the road to recovery and starting to feel good again.”

Shared by Gina

Chronic hives

“I have had chronic hives for 4 yrs. It came right after having my first child. I started feeling memory loss and fatique. After I had my second child 4 months ago I began suffering from depression, anxiety. I went to the doctor and they put me on steriods for my hives (didn’t work) and Zoloft for my depression (seems to work mildly). I can’t seem to shake my fatigue. My boyfriend has also had just about the same symptoms but slightly different. I was searching the internet and came across candida yeast infection. We believe we have this. We are going to start the diet and we’ve also been taking garlic pills and candida cleanse and oregano oil pills. I want to do a colon cleanse too. I seem to be itchier but I read that you can suffer from the die off stage. I hope we figured out what we have. I can’t live like this any longer”

Shared by Lisa

23 years old and Sick!

“I am 23 years old and I strongly believe I have Candida. I am estimating I have had Candida since I was 9 years old. I read the causes of Candida, a couple of which included pool chlorine and antibiotics, both of which I have abused since the age of 1. My mom used to call me her little fish because I started swimming at the age of 9 months. From age 7 and on I would swim for hours every day. At the age of 9 I was diagnosed with gastritis and have battling gastrointestinal problems since then. At age 15 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I have had anxiety since age 6. I have tried every single type of depression/anxiety drug from zoloft paxil lexapro pristiq xanax and klonopin. I have seen therapist, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists etc.

In the past year I have gained 80 pounds because of my intense sugar craving and became pre-diabetic. That caused me to develop high blood pressure and ovarian cysts. I started the Candida diet about 7 days ago. My blood glucose levels were 110 (fasting). Today my blood glucose is at 87 (fasting) and I feel that the anxiety is a little better. I’m sleeping a lot better and am praying that this works. I am documenting my progress and will develop a website with my results after a 6 month period. Good luck to everyone with their battle with Candida!”

Shared by Liz

Candida Is Hereditary

“When I was younger, my mother had what was diagnosed as ulcers and acid problems in her digestive system. In those days, they didn’t do a lot for that disease. What they did, didn’t work and she was sick for most of her life. Not only that, she had a very bad rash that covered her body. One doctor told her it was a runaway yeast infection but did nothing for it. In December of 2007 I came down with what was diagnosed as Acid Reflux. After going to many doctors who gave me medications for Gerd and sending me on my way ….. UNcured. I was sick and tired of trying to explain to them that this is NOT working. I had to do something so I started by changing my eating lifestyle. This helped so much that I then gave up all processed sugars. I was still eating fruits so even though I felt better, I was still not where I wanted to be.

In 2009, my younger sister came down with the same problem and did the same doctor routine that I did, only with different doctors. Finally one doctor told her to listen to her sister (ME) because I seemed to have a handle on it. Can you believe a doctor saying that? This year (2010) my older sisters allergies got so bad that she had to really take a look at her life and eating habits. My youngest sister went to an herbalist and found out she had Candida. We are all now on the anti Candida diet and doing very well. I started a blog on some of the ways I am healing from this disease.”

Shared by Terry

Diet change for life change

“I am 28 and have been ill for 10 years with acid reflux, stomach pains, chronic post nasal drip, oral thrush (and esophageal spotted on an endoscopy a few years ago), and now early stages of psoriasis. I am preparing myself for the Candida diet gradually as my diet has been made up of fast food, takeaways, fried foods, chocolates, sweets, alcohol, microwave meals and convenience foods for a very long time so the adjustment for me is huge but with the help of this site and other resources I am making steps towards a positive lifestyle change and hopefully a successful Candida battle. I have had all my amalgam fillings (mercury) removed by a safe removal dentist and am also commencing chelation to detox mercury from my body which is strongly linked as a cause of immune system breakdown and Candida overgrowth so is a crucial part of the process. I hope to be fit and well by the end of the Candida program, but I also see this as life long positive changes which are long overdue!”

Shared by Dominic

HIV+ with Candida

“Being HIV+ is difficult enough to live with, but having Candidiasis really compounds the problem. I was so sick and tired that I really thought it was it for me. I had all of the classic symptoms; rashes, migraine headaches, diarrhea, severe fatigue, hair loss etc. What I believe brought Candidiasis on in me was my addiction to coffee, of which I was drinking to counter the fatigue effects of HIV. So I went online to read about the adverse effects of coffee abuse and stumbled across an article linking it with Candida overgrowth. I read several other articles that day and was convinced to try the Candida diet. I totally went off coffee, eliminated all sugars, including fruit and ate only beef, chicken, eggs, green veggies, garlic and water. I avoided fish because it contains mercury and contributes to Candida overgrowth. After six months I feel and look like a new man. Amazingly, I feel and look better than I have my entire life, even with HIV. Candidiasis is an opportunistic disease that can creep up on anyone with a lowered immune system. It is slow growing and thus insidious in nature. I really learned an important lesson about proper diet and have decided to stay on the Candida diet for life.”

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25 and fighting fit!

“I am 25 years old, and have been diagnosed with Candidiasis in my esophagus, one of the most severe types of Candida overgrowth. For the past week, I’ve had intestinal infections, high fevers, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings. It is even hard to swallow a glass of water, and now I have to face an extreme diet to exterminate this condition. I have already lost a tremendous amount of weight, currently at 140lbs. The doctor prescribed an antifungal (Fluconazole) and a probiotic pill to promote friendly bacteria growth in my intestine. The hardest issue I am facing is staying motivated, keeping myself in a good mood and being positive. In your website I have found a lot of helpful information that will help me in this battle. Thanks! ”

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A Relief

“Where do I start? I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel almost 3 years ago, and didn’t know what to do. I had all the tests of intolerances you can imagine, and nothing came back, went to a dietician and still I felt tired, bloated, full of gas, irritable, foggy head, sluggish and all the rest. A friend told me quite a while ago about the Candida diet but I never did anything about it. This year I had to take antibiotics, 3 different courses together over a month and since then I have felt awful. I have had a recurring yeast infection and my symptoms have been getting progressively worse. I was seriously starting to get worried. Iam starting now, I have already skipped my lunchtime coffee that I so loved. I am really looking forward to feeling like me again, it feels like so long ago!! ”

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“I am a 31 year old woman and now that I am aware of them I have had symptoms of Candida for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed at 18 years with irritable bowel syndrome, constantly constipated, bloated, body aches and pains. I seriously have thought I was dying on so many occasions due to the pain and constant fatigue, irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety, headaches, vaginal thrush, urinary tract infections, kidney infections and kidney cysts to name but a few. Not to mention my TERRIBLE periods for which I have been hospitalized a couple of times in my early/mid twenties from passing out from pain and blood loss.

I had key hole surgery when I was about 25 to find that I also had poly cystic ovarian syndrome, in the last 5 or so years I have really struggled losing weight even with a strict regime of exercise. I have also tried to be healthy mostly but still crave white refined things such as croissants and Turkish bread and of course chips and chocolate. I feel I have truly tried everything from dietitians, every modality of massage therapy and natural therapies including liver cleansing diets, different eating plans, cleansing, colonic irrigation etc etc. Counseling, naturopaths – you name it I have done it. I have had temporary relief but I just tend to return back to my cravings which lead to aches and pains, infections etc, which makes me feel like its not worth it. It’s just a nasty merry go round that I just want to get off because its making me sick!

I have just had an overhaul with my GP (X Rays, ultra sounds and intensive blood tests) to find out what is going on and to rule out other serious conditions like cancer etc. My results show that everything seems normal except that I have insulin problems and my white blood cell count is extremely low (due to infection). My doctor has said that I need to lose 10kg or otherwise I have a high risk of developing heart disease and more problems with my ovaries (infertility or even tumors), which is scary for me cause my family history all include diabetes, ovarian cancer and heart conditions. I have had doctors over the years tell me ‘its all in my head’ and that I was making my conditions up. I have seriously thought I am going crazy at times and my mental health has suffered immensely.

I am now seeing a naturopath and am on the anti Candida eating plan along with supplements they have prescribed for me. So far I have been on it 9 days – my bloating has decreased, my body has been feeling a lot better, I have lost 3 kilos, I feel less tired and more clear in my thinking and I generally feel better. However I do have a weird cold/flu thing going on, maybe it is part of the detox? My body was feeling terrible yesterday and my throat was so so sore and I have been coughing up this orange colored goop! I am hoping this passes soon and is just part of my body trying to rid the disgusting Candida virus. I am hoping that I can stick to the lifestyle change and not fall back into feeding this awful condition called CANDIDA, I want it out of my life forever so that I can get on with mine. Peace and strength to all of you fighting the same problem!”

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Hope all this hard work pays off!

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 16. I was recommended to a Naturopath who started my healing process by cutting out gluten, refined sugars and dairy. I was symptom-free within a week. I am now 21 and have not experienced another Colitis flare-up but have been suffering from constant yeast infection symptoms. My hunch is this could have been linked to the anti-inflammatory meds I was prescribed during my bad flare-up with colitis, or also due to me being on birth control for over a year. I tried to rid myself of these symptoms with the over-the-counter treatments but eventually just gave up.

My first year of University, as could probably be presumed, involved a lot of drinking and eating many sugary bad foods that I never normally consumed. After my second year of University my yeast infection symptoms are worse and are now accompanied by many of the symptoms mentioned on this site, such as a skin rash on my face and body that resemble eczema, extreme sugar cravings, weight gain, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, head fogginess and more. I am currently studying nutrition in school and stumbled across an article describing the condition of individuals with recurring yeast infections and how it could be linked to Candida. With the guidance of my Naturopath and this website I am starting the Candida diet and hope everything works out for the best. P.S. Cashew butter is amazing and I recommend it to everyone attempting this diet! Good Luck”

Shared by Birkley

Candida and Eczema

“I’ve always had less than perfect health, with many symptoms that I thought I had to just accept as part of living. I am 30 years old and I have had continuously for many years: post-nasal drip, scalp and thigh folliculitis, acne, dark circles under the eyes, dandruff, dry flaky skin, I have always been underweight and cannot gain weight, intolerant to the cold, flatulence, lethargy, prone to depression and erratic moods. I suspected gluten intolerance a few years ago, so I put myself onto the Paleo diet for a few months (no grains, sugar or alcohol). My health improved – it was the best it had ever been and many of my symptoms vanished – but not all of them. I eased up on the eating program and wheat, sugar and alcohol found its way back into my diet.

Last year I was ill with several throat infections all within a few months of each other, and was subsequently put onto antibiotics each time. After the fourth dose of antibiotics, I was bitten by a mosquito and a rash appeared on my shoulder, gradually spreading to the rest of my body within a few months. Four months of GPs and specialists later I was given the diagnosis of eczema. After the prescription creams stopped working I turned to alternative medicine, with ayurveda, kinesiology and a psychic suggesting liver and digestive issues. Finally a NAET kinesiologist suggested Candida, and then I came across this amazing website. I have been on the Candida diet for nearly three weeks, following it as best as I can. I have had two colonics with one more (hopefully the last for now) tomorrow. I am eating lots of green food, I take fish oil capsules, garlic tablets sporadically, 15mLs of chlorophyll each morning, and teaspoon of Polybac 8 each night before bed, as well as two table spoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day. I just bought Swisse Liver Detox tablets and will start on those tomorrow. I attempted Hulda’s liver flush a few weeks back, but I thought I was going to die after drinking that awful Epsom salts mixture, although I may try it again in a few weeks following the apple juice version this time.

I bought a home testing kit for Candida but it came up negative – perhaps a false negative? I have too many Candida symptoms to rule it out. The eczema has now subsided somewhat (it’s not as itchy and red) and I think I am getting some ‘die-off’ symptoms, although depression is the most difficult to manage. I am having a bit of a struggle maintaining the Candida program. My social life is non-existent at the moment – it’s easier to stay at home rather than eat out. My friends and family have not been as supportive as I hoped – but I am keeping my chin up, always hoping that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I might try a raw food diet for a week, or even cut out the quinoa, brown rice and buckwheat and go completely grain-free and see how that goes. I guess it’s all about trying different things to see what works best for you. I’m looking forward to having a piece of fruit or chocolate again one day. Reading the other stories on this page gives me hope and it is a great comfort to know that I am not going through the Candida journey alone.”

Shared by David

The Coconut Oil Miracle

“Hi guys, I’m familiar with all your stories. I too have been searching for over 10 years trying to find the cause of several minor ailments, some of which have become not so minor. Yep. It’s Candida. I’ve learned so much about natural therapies and holistic medicine along the way. I am not a allopathic doctor (I’ve lost faith in that branch of medicine except with respect to emergency response) and I urgently suggest, especially to those who are on prescribed medicines for Candida, to give Coconut Oil a go. Organic cold pressed coconut oil of course. If you wish to know more on the miraculous effects of coconut oil please purchase the books “The coconut oil miracle” written by Bruce Fyfe. Another fantastic book is “Coconut Cures” again by Bruce Fyfe. It just might change your life. All the best. Kind Regards, Sarah”

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Candida and only 18???

“I have been suffering from many symptoms related to Candida as I have been suffering from acne for about 3 years which seems to flare up when I eat sugary foods (especially chocolate), I’ve also been suffering from very irregular periods – some not coming for over 5 months. I’ve been experiencing weight gain and have tried everything to loose weight – losing no more than a few pounds then piling it all back on again in a blink of an eye, as well as suffering from bloating, digestive discomfort and constipation. I also have a constant white coating on my tongue. I’ve been to the doctors and have been tested for PCOS but do not have this condition, I’ve also had my hormones checked but they are apparently in balance. I have been diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome but that has no effect on any of my symptoms so I’m really hoping this is the answer I’m looking for.

I have been living on a very high sugar diet for a large portion of my child hood and earlier teen years and have only really started eating healthily over the last 2 years due to concern over my weight, so the high sugar diet is probably the cause of my condition. I plan to do start the Candida diet as of today and hopefully I will be able to sort the condition out through this diet. I’ve been feeling like there’s something wrong with me for a while but my family thinks I’m just being paranoid and that I’m fine, but I know my own body better than anyone else and I know acne and irregular periods aren’t something that should be ignored and overlooked, especially when hormone imbalance isn’t the cause. I have my prom in about 4 weeks and am going away to Australia for a month a week after so it may be difficult to keep up the diet while I’m away, but I’m determined to sort out this condition and it seems like the first 3 weeks are the hardest, so wish me luck and I’ll get back to you at the end of the diet!! :)”

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