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    This is something important for those suffering the Leaky Gut consequences.

    Fasano A. Zonulin and Its Regulation of Intestinal Barrier Function: The Biological Door to Inflammation,
    Autoimmunity, and Cancer. Physiol Rev 91: 151–175, 2011; doi:10.1152/physrev.00003.2008.—The primary functions
    of the gastrointestinal tract have traditionally been perceived to be limited to the digestion and absorption of
    nutrients and to electrolytes and water homeostasis. A more attentive analysis of the anatomic and functional
    arrangement of the gastrointestinal tract, however, suggests that another extremely important function of this organ
    is its ability to regulate the trafficking of macromolecules between the environment and the host through a barrier
    mechanism. Together with the gut-associated lymphoid tissue and the neuroendocrine network, the intestinal
    epithelial barrier, with its intercellular tight junctions, controls the equilibrium between tolerance and immunity to
    non-self antigens. Zonulin is the only physiological modulator of intercellular tight junctions described so far that is
    involved in trafficking of macromolecules and, therefore, in tolerance/immune response balance. When the finely
    tuned zonulin pathway is deregulated in genetically susceptible individuals, both intestinal and extraintestinal
    autoimmune, inflammatory, and neoplastic disorders can occur. This new paradigm subverts traditional theories
    underlying the development of these diseases and suggests that these processes can be arrested if the interplay
    between genes and environmental triggers is prevented by reestablishing the zonulin-dependent intestinal barrier
    function. This review is timely given the increased interest in the role of a “leaky gut” in the pathogenesis of several
    pathological conditions targeting both the intestine and extraintestinal organs.


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    Thanks for providing this information Dvjorge. Fairly difficult to understand really. Does this mean you know how to reestablish the “zonulin-dependent intestinal barrier function” then?


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