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    I’d rather try to get my zinc from foods. And I understand that you need copper to balance it, correct? So if I eat veal liver once per week, and then alternate lean roast beef with pumpkin seeds (100-200g servings) daily… then I should be covered, right?

    I’m currently taking:

    (NOW Foods brand in most cases)

    Liquid Fish Oil
    Superfruit Liquid Multivitamin
    Candida Clear
    Liver Detox
    1 tsp of Turmeric
    1-2 tsp of Cayenne
    1 Tbsp Healthforce Nutritionals Spirulina
    1-2 Tbsp Nutiva Coconut Oil

    Thinking about purchasing:

    Nettle Leaf Tea

    As for my diet, I’m pretty much just sticking with whole foods 80% of the time, water & tea (MarketSpice Orange Cinnamon tea), coffee but very limited, making sure I get adequate protein balanced with carbs and of course, veggies.

    ETA: I’m not going on the stricter candida diets because I don’t have a large overgrowth really, just some occasional vaginal discharge. And it should also be noted I’m in sort of a transitional phase after stopping a long standing drinking habit… so, this is my 1st year sober 🙂 And for that reason, I don’t want to cleanse or strict diet so that my emotions and mental state don’t get too thrown out of whack. Make sense?


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    I think you’re right to be cautious. Some people develop anxiety for a number of weeks or months on the strict diet before it resolves. You’ve done something pretty incredible by overcoming the drinking problem, so be kind to yourself and stay in tune with your body’s needs.

    You can get zinc from eating oysters once a week. 100g or so has about 600% of the RDA as well as some copper. I wouldn’t eat them raw though. The weekly liver covers your copper and has some zinc too, plus B12 and vitamin A.

    I’d mix up your protein sources a bit. Amino acids can have different effects on the mind (you know about tryptophan already, right?). The glycine in gelatine is supposed to be soothing (for digestion too), so you could try bone broths and/or Great Lakes powder (goes well in coffee without any taste). It won’t have the alkalising effect that meat does on the colon when it’s putrefied either. Eggs have all sorts of nutrients and kefir or Greek yoghurt are good sources too and should help reduce the candida. The seeds are high in PUFAs (inflammatory fats), so you might want to limit those.

    Coffee is actually a good source of magnesium and niacin, as well as antioxidants, but the caffeine could potentially be an issue. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism and can lead to a drop in blood sugar if drunk alone. If you can’t get a good decaf, make sure you drink it with food. It may even have advantages in this instance, but I don’t quite understand how at the moment. Definitely go easy on it.


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    The only problem with beef is that it takes 1-2 days to digest it while it takes only hours to digest fish or chicken. Thats why we don’t recommend eating beef or pork.


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