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    Hi Able, or anyone have experienced this. I am wondering if the consumption of a lot homemade yogurt or kefir might promotes the build up of mucus in my body, as i heard the mucus would be favorable for candida enviroment?

    I have been noticing that i am “dripping” mucus ( back throath).

    I am religiously sticking with the diet and antifungals, by the way I got my molybdenum, and SF722.Anyway the new addictive thing is dehydrated coconut (not sulfites no sugar), I just eat it like snack with yogurt.

    Any comment really appreciated


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    The coconut may contain some molds if its dried and it should contain some sugars, so I would be wary of this in your diet.

    If you notice any mucus production after eating food, then this is an allergic reaction. This can be in the form of a cough with mucus, runny nose, or even a drippy mucus in the back of the throat.

    Mucus production protects the candida and hears a link about it:

    Kefir contains sugar so you might be reacting to the sugar or dairy. However, the benefits of the kefir should outweigh any consequences.


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