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    Katy Gillett
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    I was getting bored of breakfasts so I came up with this which I find delicious (and it’s super simple).. I can’t wait until the next stage of the diet when I can add berries :).

    I throw some mixed seeds, flaked almonds, crushed walnuts, buckwheat groats and coconut flakes into a bowl. Add a good few dollops of organic greek yoghurt. Mix and sprinkle in some stevia.



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    You do realise that yoghurt can’t be eaten by vegetarians, as it contains (as you mention above) live cultures. Living creatures make yoghurt what it is.
    The same goes for blue cheese, of course.


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    I just wanted to thank you for this delicious idea! I introduced greek yogurt about a month into my diet and it was amazing to have that creamy taste again! I put flaked almonds, walnuts, organic shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, stevia, and a healthy dash of cinnamon. I highly recommend adding the cinnamon!!! It’s amazing. I’ve been having it almost daily! 🙂


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