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    Hi Everyone:

    I started getting allergies about 6 years ago when we moved to another province. I didn’t know what it was at first, and thought I had a chronic cold. I seemed most allergic to the dust in the new place I lived. When I would go back to where I was from originally, my allergies would clear.

    Then they got worse, and when I went home, I had seasonal allergies when I had had none before. I resigned myself to the fact that I had adult onset allergies, and that there was nothing to be done about it. I tried every allergy medication on the shelves and none worked.

    I would be so stuffed up that I could not breathe through my nose at all. Sometimes my nose would run, but not always. Usually it was dry, and felt like I had cotton balls stuffed up inside it. My ears would feel plugged and there would be a lot of pressure in my head. I also had periodic sneezing fits, and sometimes at night would almost scratch my skin off from itchiness, but without any obvious hives. I have had those a few times as well, but not often.

    Anyway, they have been progressively getting worse, and I am definitely allergic to things like dust and spring and even fall. I now live in a third province, bc, in a rain forest with a plethora of new plants. My allergies did not clear up in winter, which they have in years past.

    I have to use Otrivin or a similar product every evening or I can’t sleep, and have had to do so since this got worse 3 or 4 years ago.

    Then, back in November, my husband and I decided to diet to lose some weight and did the Wild Rose Cleanse, and went on the restricted diet suggested with the program. By the 10th day, I was completely clear, with no breathing problems, no heavy chest, no plugged ears, and I was able to sleep without nasal spray for about 5 days in a row before Christmas season started and I went off the diet for that period. I was eating no dairy, nothing made from the flour of any grain, no sugar, nothing fermented, no vitamins. I did notice that I was stuffed up when I ate my instant multigrain cereal, and assumed that I had a gluten problem.

    Then one night I went out with friends. I had had tofu for dinner (which I had not previously had) marinated in soya sauce, and then went out and fell off the wagon and had wine and nachos with cheese. That night I resumed using the nasal spray.

    I became suspicious of soy as well. Also, when eating popcorn with spike, I would get stuffed up. It contains soy and yeast, so I became suspicious of yeast as well.

    I’m already a vegetarian, so visiting over Christmas was impossible, and I went back to my old ways. I stayed stuffed up the whole time.

    Now I have been trying to do an elimination diet and have had no wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and I thought, yeast. But this time I am not clearing up as much. It is better, but I have yet to be able to sleep without nasal spray. Then today I bought some unpasteurized honey, ate some and was immediately stuffed right up.

    I started researching honey, which led me to yeast, which led me here. I also found out that b vitamins have yeast, as well, and that is another thing I have done differently than on the cleanse, where I did not take any vitamins.

    Most of the stuff on this site is about digestive problems, and the allergies mentioned seem to be more to do with yeast infections and how they relate to mood and symptoms like that.

    What I want to know is whether I might have a food allergy, causing an actual histamine response to yeast, and if so, is the treatment the same? Do I have to do the whole cleanse and colonics etc? I’m thinking a change of diet might be enough, since I did clear up on the other cleanse.

    I also need to know if it is a yeast allergy, if there are vitamins that are yeast free, since I definitely need B12 if I am on a vegan diet… And finally, is there a list of foods, vitamins etc that contain yeast? Most of the do not eat stuff I read about here includes things that feed yeast…

    Thanks so much


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