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    Not knowing what xylitol was and being very wearing, I decided to do some research and came across this article which warns people on the Anti-Candida diet about its use. In summary the article states that one should be careful of their use of xylitol because:

    -The process in which it is produced is called sugar hydrogenation which uses a powdered nickel-aluminum alloy, therefore may be risky for heavy metals.

    -There is a lack of information regarding the safety of sugar hydrogenation. As the article states, “hydrogenated fats and oils were used for many years before the very damaging effects to health became widely known”

    -Most xylitol comes from GMO corn

    -Due to the way xylitol is metabolized or in fact not fully metabolized by the body, it ferments in the gut hosting pathogenic bacteria and as well, even candida.

    -“According to a lab rat test a 100 gram rat can be killed by approximately 1.65 grams of xylitol about half the time.”

    It is therefore that the author uses the word sparingly to describe the employment of xylitol.

    Although it must be known that of course we ought to worry about the sources of our information, especially on the internet, the author’s sources seem to fit.

    To read the article click here.


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    Xylitol causes disturbances in the gut. I definitely agree that xylitol causes microbe imbalances in the gut. That is what I experienced. It also upset my wife’s gut and she does not have health issues. Avoid Xylitol!!!


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    I got some Xylitol and I took about 1/2 a tsp of it this morning in a glass of water. Mine is derived from Birch bark, not GMO corn. It seems to have caused quite a detox reaction.

    I found this on curezone. It’s about 3 months old.

    Xylitol is awesome on a candida diet. If you are going low carb for a while to starve yeast and candida, and you get lots of Sugar cravings, eat a spoonful of xylitol, your cravings will be gone for a long time and the yeast feed off the sugar and die because they can’t process it, as too much for a human can cause low blood sugar, too low blood sugar and you can die, so little yeasty has no food and basically by consuming xylitol they starve to death. Xylitol helps with bowl movements and it also helps clear up eczema caused by candida. for the first few days to a week you may be slightly gassy and mild stomach upsets even on a spoonful, but your body will come accustomed to it, and you’ll be fine there after.


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    Xylitol does NOT ferment. I’ve been reading about it for a few days, and I even took 1/2 tsp today and got quite a detox reaction (die off).

    Bacterial Balance Issues

    Another potential concern is the effect that xylitol may have on the populations of good bacteria that normally live in healthy bodies. Xylitol has been proven to kill off harmful strains of bacteria in studies, but will it also kill off beneficial native ones like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium? According to Dr. Ellie Phillips, author of Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, there have not been any specific studies done to investigate the long-term effects of xylitol consumption on intestinal flora. However, Dr. Phillips states that she has recommended xylitol to her patients for decades and seen only good overall health results when it is used in the appropriate amounts. According to Dr. Phillips, harmful acid-producing bacteria are uniquely attracted to and neutralized by xylitol, which allows good bacteria to thrive both in the mouth and, presumably, the gut. Of course, the advice given above about incorporating xylitol into your diet slowly and in moderation will let you evaluate how it affects your individual system and overall well-being, if you decide to use it.

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